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  • Elizabeth - I think you should....it is worth the investment!

    I was very skeptical! I own 2 dyson vacuum cleaners....one for steps and one for the floors. Here is why!! We have 3 dogs and a cat, I have long hair and white carpet...we spend a lot of time vacuuming! This is worth its weight in gold. It goes smoothly from surface to surface; over throw rugs, onto vinyl and back. It tells me when I need to empty the collection bin and tells me when it is stuck under my buffet! I have learned the pieces of furniture it can get under and not get out from under, so I block the exit path that is not high enough--there are 3 such places in my home. It tends to get stuck in my bathrooms if I don't make sure the door will stay open...it hits the door and the door shuts and then Roomba can't get the door open---damn almost perfect!! It does a VERY GOOD (close to perfect) job. I am a clean freak so this says a lot about Roomba. You will be pleased. I did buy 2 towers that prohibit Roomba from going into certain areas....I don't use them; that was a waste of my money. Roomba will not go near steps---no fear of the fall and it only takes a light object to block the path or a closed door so I have not needed to use the towers.

  • Jodee Roth - I highly recommend this devotional!

    This devotional doesn't take a lot of time, which is nice because life gets busy. In the two questions you have it gets deep to the heart of the issue quick. A lot of other marriage devotionals my husband and I have tried were very surface level and kind of boring. Highly recommend this book!!!