FAREM-Carazo - Facultad Regional Multidisciplinaria de Carazo, FAREM-Carazo, Formando los mejores profesionales de la región sur de pais.

Country:, North America, NI

City: -86.2683 Departamento de Managua, Nicaragua

  • Soup - Super Grass

    I bought this product not knowing what to expect because there were a few conflicting reviews. I have to say I was amazed by this seed I spread it in the bare spots watered it everyday and and in 3 days it was growing. It grew in thick and has a pleasing shade of green. I am curious how it will weather in the winter so I will have to update this review in the spring. I would highly recommend this for fast and satisfying results.

  • JPL39 - Works miracles

    Kids 'n' Pets Instant All-Purpose cleaner works wonders. I had a ink stain on my couch for awhile and nothing would remove it. I used this product and it vanished. It also is fabulous on pet messes/stains and a number of other stains. I would highly recommend this product. I am never without any in my home.

  • Nina - Kid friendly and does a great job!!!

    From sausage to lamb, this simple machine gets the job done! Initially, I wasn't going to bother it as my husband usually does this and its WAY more complicated than this. But this little gadget definitely comes in handy!! Instead of buying grounded up meat paying $3-10 for a pound of grounded up meat, I can now just buy in bulk, cut up what I want to grind and freeze and freeze the rest of the meat whole. It comes with two different rounded blades, the cup came attached, the entire system arrived ready for use all I had to do was attach the handle. It also comes with a "stick" used to push the meat into the grinder if needed.

  • Bob R. - 2016 toyota tacoma 4x4 off road.

    I love this truck overall but it could be a lot better for the price. The transmission (6 speed automatic) is continually shifting up and down, very annoying,the brakes could be a lot better than average, but they are not. 6000 miles so far. 18.1 mpg overall.

  • Ian M. - Love this case!

    I absolutely love this case! I have always had a similar case with my iPhone 6 plus, but they felt cheap. This case is made of high quality plastic that does add some thickness to the phone, but it is hardly noticeable. All of the ports match up perfectly, and the case fits very comfortably in your hand. And even if you are clumsy, you will enjoy the phone case, because it offers plenty of protection for your phone. This is a great case for someone wanting a wallet case but doesn't want a bulky folio case. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Amazon Customer - This thing is AMAZING! Bought 2!

    This thing is easy to light if you understand basic heat... Fill the tin, then with the heating element on the tin, keep a flame on the heating element long enough that you would think the tiny wires in the filament in the heating element would be "red hot". After that, through catalytic reactions (No flame needed! --once the filament wires are red hot of course--) The vaporized heating fluid will go through combustion, making for a VERY clean burn (practically no CO (carbon monoxide) production) and giving off CO2 (and some water vapor, only amounts to a single drop of water in a day, only noticeable under laboratory conditions). The amount of CO2 this gives off is much less than a human breathing throughout an entire day.