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  • Amazon Customer - Awesome products.

    I bought the door inserts and roof for a 2016 S .... Awesome products... They fit great and were easy to install - Thanks Jake!.

  • carmend - It's a Miracle!

    Highly recommend! Oh my god, this stuff really works. I live in the Caribbean and roaches here are huge. Within days I started seeing results. Found them all dead in kitchen cabinets. It's been over 2 months and I have yet to see a roach. I will definitely purchase it again. Very happy and fast shipping. Thank you. =)

  • Robyn Margaret McComb - Very angry

    I bought this product to treat my recurring bacterial vaginosis and got it on subscribe and save. I did not find it clearly stated that this is a douche, which is strongly discouraged for BV. Then, I learned I was pregnant. This product is not recommended for pregnant women so to be on the safe side I returned it. They claimed that I did not send the right product and took away my automatic refund, which made me mad since I know for a fact I returned the proper product. It was even in the same box and I had removed nothing from it! I called customer service and did not really get much help. Be sure you really want this product before you order it because they will try to rip you off if you return it.

  • Dominique - I prefer the ring over the case because this allows you to customize your case and only use the ring when necessary- for the bes

    I sent this selfie ring light to my sorority sister and she loves it! The last time she was in Houston to visit, I was using my "Faux-Lumen" selfie case and she really wanted one of her own. I purchased the ring light for her instead because I really thought she might prefer this over the case and I was right! I prefer the ring over the case because this allows you to customize your case and only use the ring when necessary- for the best, glamour selfies possible! The selfie cases are supper bulky and make the already massive iPhone 6S Plus even bigger to carry around and harder to manage. The selfie ring can easily charge and she can just keep it on hand in her purse until that special selfie moment arrives! Sh was so excited with my little knick-knack gift, that as soon as she received it, she FaceTimed me using it! And believe me, her "glow" was just right!

  • G. Lopez - Great looking and fits 2014 RAV4

    Got these for my 2014 RAV4 Limited. The fit was perfect. They look great. They are solid black and matches the trim. Instructions are not included. Installation was not hard. The front pair is easiest to install requiring 3 screws and a push pin each. Just turn your wheels in for each side so you have room to work, as long as your screw driver is no longer than 7 or 8 inches. The front pair installs in less than 5 min. The rear required slightly more work but still not hard. I recommend drilling tiny holes on the dimples (2 on each side) so that the screws are easier to screw in because you don't have much room to work. Also there are 2 screws that screw in from the bottom,unless you have help,if you install these first it will hold your mudguard in place while you screw in the other screws. The instructions can be found here: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0176/5842/files/PU060-42013-P1.pdf?276

  • Bill + Catheron oviatt - An extension of Johnson's best story telling!!! Vic out does herself in putting the less desirable characters in their place!

    Johnson puts the three most dynamic characters of his Longmire stories together again to outwit the current villain in the style and finesse that just keeps his readers coming back for more!