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  • Jnels - A little helpful

    I have a newborn that was put on antibiotics at 11 days old because he got very sick. He then became a more fussy baby with a ton of gas and pooped only once a day. I tried this for a week and noticed a little difference at night. He didn't seem to grunt as much. We switched to one recommended by our pediatrician however: biogia with vit d. I honestly think this one made his gas worse.

  • T. Joad - No effect

    It's important to note that the ingredients in this product have not shown effectiveness in clinical trials. Perhaps, if they had, it would be moved to the toolbox of mainstream eye doctors. Having a few issues with my eyes, I figured I'd give it a try anyway. At the end of a bottle, taken as directed, I noticed no outcomes whatsoever. While this product be working in some mysterious behind-the-scenes way, that's not what I'm after and it'd be quite expensive to do a long-term trial.

  • Kelly Cramblit - I love this stuff so so much

    Guys, guys, guys. This stuff is amazing. I have sensitive skin and I always get razor burn. I can shave the day after I shaved with a dry razor and I slap this stuff on and an hour later no bumps (I actaully tested it). The only thing I will warn is this: it burns like all hell when you first apply it. It feels like I was putting peroxide on a cut the size of my bikini line. But if you can close your eyes and wait out the initial sting, you will not regret the results.


    These did not work for me, but would have if I had had a bladder infection instead of PBS (PAINFUL BLADDER SYNDROME), it took about 3 months

  • albert tumolillo - Extremely informative and eye-opening

    This book clearly exposes the attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity by the current administration. It also enumerates the many assaults against the Bill of Rights. It should be required reading for anyone who cherishes liberty.