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  • madlyn fafard - Attention manufaturer

    The second bottle I purchased ended up glued tight together at the 1/2 way mark of use. They were so stuck together I had to throw out the last half bottle. I hope this is niot common as I prefer to keep buying

  • Bobbie - Good Stuff!

    I have very difficult hair to manage especially on humid days. These products when used together or alone all work well depending on when they're used. Some are great for washing your hair while others are good for in between. The price of this gift bag set makes it certainly worth giving them a try. It's a really good deal!

  • Carrie - Works great!

    Since having a baby I've become more conscious about the chemicals in my home. I've been switching to "green" cleaning products and came across Shaklee on a blog post.

  • A.Mathews - Baby Jogger POD

    I will start by saying we are a loyal baby jogger family :) We love the baby jogger quality and features. We currently own the City Select and City Micro Single have also owned the City Mini Single(before our garage ate it). I Love the concept of the POD. We were looking for a double jogging stroller for our 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old boys. Loved that this could be used as a double jogger or as a single if only taking one child. Also loved the idea we could also use it for biking or as a stroller. We were hoping to use all these feature on our upcoming vacation to Hilton Head loved the idea of getting all these benefits in one stroller. I did however have to return the POD because my boys would not ride in the small space together. We didn't even make it out of the garage before we had crying and hair pulling. I was sad to return it because I really did like all the features. I exchanged it for the BOB SE Duallie