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  • Tyler - It Does Work, Just Give it Time!

    Let me start by first saying that this product just works! I was very skeptical of how many reviews with 4-5 star ratings there were compared to other acne treatment products. But having tried 3-4 other solutions for about a year each, I was willing to give this one a try.

  • mother of 3 - Best taffy for short hair

    I have been using this taffy for years. I'm a 40+ yr old mom with a short choppy do (like Halle Barry's hair.) My hair is really thick, but without a good texturizing taffy, it sits on my head like a monk's cap, flat to my head. About a dime sized amount of this stuff, rubbed between my palms and then raked through my hair gives me movable-touchable-but-stays-off-my-head-and-separated texture. I finish with hairspray (doesn't seem to matter what kind) and am good to go for an entire 7 am - 10 pm day. Baseball cap for watching the kids' game? No problem, take off the cap and shake and crunch your fingers through your hair and you can re-shape it again. Seriously. Also, no crispy crispy feel after it dries as I've had with other taffies. This stays movable all day. I get compliments on my hair all the time, and I credit this stuff. Love it. As for the scent, my 10 year old son (and do they every lie?) said one morning watching me do my hair: "mom, I LOVE how your hair stuff smells. I'm glad you wear it." I don't even notice that it has a scent except first thing in the morning when I first put it on." The only time it's not enough is on those 90/90 summer days when the heat, humidity and my own sweat combine to kill every attempt at keeping my hair up.

  • sumbodyshero - This is the worst software I have ever used.

    I'd rather watch cartoons on my Gameboy Advance. I'd rather try and make music with Little Sound DJ on my Gameboy. I'd rather play Modern Warfare on a Tiger electronic wrist watch then waste any more of my life on this buggy, overcomplicated excuse for a word processor.

  • leshol - Do Not Recommend

    This program has you eating 500-800 calories a day for the first 8 days. Obviously you would lose weight. I was constantly hungry, and my goal was to lose 10 pounds. I lost the 10 pounds, but gained it back. That's what happens when you starve yourself.

  • S. T. Gugliociello - Whatever you need, go one size bigger

    I want to first note that I originally ordered a small. To give you an idea of how small the "small" is, I couldn't fit my portfolio and iPad inside the bag. I genuinely have no idea what a bag is meant for...