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  • Summer Page - My kids love this product

    My kids love these gummies. They're a little smaller than the vitamin gummies, so the kids know when they're getting Vit C vs multi. We put them in their lunches, and they consider their vitamins part of the meal at school. I like that they take the place of those little fruit gummy packs people put into their kids' lunches. For my kids, having their EFA, Multi, and Vit C gummies in their lunch is perfect.

  • KaseyShopping - Perfect for a Chili Base

    This salsa is the only thing I can blend up and use as a chili base without my husband complaining. He hate onions, celery and carrots. If he sees a small piece of vegetation in any meal, he will stop eating it. The same goes for chips and salsa. He will only eat it if it's pureed.

  • Justmyopinion - Excellent Show!!

    Another show I am addicted to and I absolutely love. Ellen Pompeii is a great actress who you can hate and love. Any actress who can pull that off is a one of a kind. April is another one who can pull off a very irritating and nervous character. A lot of outstanding acting in this show. I commend the fact that there are so many series in this show and it still keeps me interested. Usually, shows can become stupid or stale as the series continue. A must watch!

  • tim747 - Converting over from Money 2007

    With Money going away, I decided to give Quicken a shot after not using Quicken for over 10 years. I have only been using Quicken 2010 for 1 hour, but I will update my reviews as I get more time on it.

  • Ladd Anderson - IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP!

    Don't make the critical mistake I did after my fishing boat capsized, and MAKE SURE THE REST OF TOOL IS COMPLETELY CLOSED BEFORE ACTIVATING THE INFLATABLE LIFE RAFT FUNCTION!