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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • David Chopin - no warranty help for this junk, no support number even if you register

    I have been trying to contact Roxio for hours to get help with this software that leaves the top half of all dvd's I try to make black.

  • M. Hasday - Great product, terrible company

    I write this review sadly, as I still think the product is far better than comparable products (like Quickbooks). However, I must agree with everyone who has given poor reviews for support, and add to that a poor review for customer service. With one notable exception, no one I have ever spoken with at Sage has cared even the slightest amount for making sure I was a happy customer when I got off the phone with them. They are more concerned with arguing with you about why they are right and your complaints are not valid, than seeing what they can do to make you happy to have purchased their product. In this day and age, customer service is the single most important factor in securing ongoing customer loyalty, and it is a poor business decision indeed to think you can keep unhappy customers hostage through high switching costs.

  • Luna Ville - If Ghandi had been forced to use Microsoft Word, he would have become a mass murderer.

    Where do I start? Formatting changes randomly while I am working forcing me to go over documents again and again to make sure they comply with requirements. Apparently, programmers cannot spell. I cannot believe the number of words that have to be "added" to the spell check. It freezes for no reason. Currently, I need to do an extremely simple document in a modified outline form with sections beginning A., B. C., D. That's too much to ask of Microsoft word. It keeps spontaneously changing my "C." to "B." though that is already listed and "D." though there is not yet a "C." Were it allowed, I could hand print faster than it takes to wrangle a document out of this program. I could go on, but I have to return to my torture otherwise known as my document. Thanks for eating up my time before a deadline Micro-assholes!

  • Read this if you aren't sure about buying a Ouija board - Read this if you aren't sure about buying a Ouija board

    I have played this game before and I don't know why everyone is ranting about it being " demonic". It is a toy. It is not inhabitated by evil spirits or bewitched by Satan. It is a toy. I am 10 years old and am never frightend by it. I will admit that creepy things do happen, and that there are spirits, but they are not evil. They can not hurt you. They will not kill you. They can be nice, clever, and friendly. If you are ever bothered by anything the spirit says, tell the spirit to stop. They will listen. Buy this and you will not regret it! Great for sleepovers. =)

  • Helene - Good camera for the price.

    We bought this on pre-order and it showed up the day it was released. I was so thrilled! The set up is VERY easy and user friendly. Just make sure you buy or have a SD card on hand. The charging took a few hours, but that was expected.