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  • The Slug - Good luck getting your refund!!!

    This product is a waste of money and there were no results!! If the product was soooo great and worked as promised, then why is it soooo hard to return your product? Nerium's customer service was terrible; when I tried to call into their customer service, the line stated that due to the overwhelming call volume, they would not be able to answer my call. Then I called the customer service line back later and waited on hold for 1 hour. When I finally did get a customer service associate, they said that I had to get a refund #, then send the product back and even with an unopened, unused bottle, I may not get back my whole purchase price. And, be sure that you send the product back within 10 days of getting your refund #, because otherwise you don't get your refund at ALL!!! This whole process seems shady and unreputable from a company that claims proven results and great customer service. You would think if their product lived up to its claims, they would have no problem refunding your money, because they would have so few people returning the product!!!

  • W. M. Scarborough - Worked for a while...

    I drive a 2000 Toyota 4Runner V-6 and have a little over 160K miles on it. Several months ago I noticed a little oil on the garage floor. My mechanic determined that the valve cover gaskets were leaking and quoted me $600 to replace them. I have used Lucas Oil Stop Leak with the last two oil changes and the leaking has stopped. The leak was very minor, so I'm sure the gaskets had hardened with age and the Stop Leak softened them so they would seal. I guess I'll have to have them replaced sooner or later, but for now Lucas has allowed me to defer a $600 repair bill.

  • michelle Luce - 5 STAR

    I would highly recommend juice plus garden blend and orchard blend. I've been taking it for years and I feel more energy, healthier and my cholesterol is much lower since taking it. I believe that it helps you eat healthier. I'm 47 and people mistake me for looking much younger than my real age.

  • Sam G. - This will be my 2yr olds birthday gift and I'm sure he will love it. He is obsessed with Harry the Bunny

    So cute! This will be my 2yr olds birthday gift and I'm sure he will love it. He is obsessed with Harry the Bunny. I like that it is the perfect size for him and plays and sings.

  • Ratana Y. - Flossing is now clean and fun!

    Though this floss is a bit in the pricey side, it is well worth it. I wore braces over a decade ago and while they straightened out my teeth, gaps were formed in between my teeth that result in food particles getting easily stuck within. As you can imagine, I've turned into an obsessive floss freak. I've tried many different types and brands of flosses over the years and was recently given this specific one to sample from my latest visit to the dentist. By far, Cocofloss is the best quality and most effective of them all. It makes me feel good to visually see every ounce of food particle exiting out from under root of my teeth upon flossing each one - Cocofloss provides a flossing experience like no other! Not only do you get an incredible clean sensation from under your gums, the powerful clean flavor coated on the floss is an icing on the cake. All around clean - your mouth will thank you, and you'll find yourself looking forward to flossing everyday!