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  • M. Gant - Awesome for Laminate and Tile

    Like the other reviewer, I had tried everything to get the gunk off my laminate floors. After laying tile in another room and dealing with streaks from the grout sealer for weeks (and the smell of the vinegar everyone swore would clean the tiles so nicely), I bought this product aong with the little microfiber bonnet that goes over the regular sponge mop head and my tiles are gleaming and beautiful without being slick or slippery. I thought maybe this is what I need on the laminates as well, so I tried it there too. AWESOME! I highly recommend this product.

  • Michael L. Donaldson - Love it

    As a day one owner of both new game systems, I'm honestly deeply impressed with both the XBOX One and PS4 and I didn't expect to be anything but impressed with either one. However, I found the interactivity in games using the Kinect to draw me towards the XB1 over the PS4, so I find myself playing it more often. I like that I'm not just pushing buttons or tilting the controller, I enjoy playing FIFA and being able to say "Pass" and the AI player pass me the ball or "Shoot" and the player shoots on goal. I like in DR 3 that your playing environment can get you killed if it's too loud in the room, or your wife, or girlfriend or kids make a loud noise. It adds so much more to the experience. I really can't wait to see what other interactive elements game developers throw in to support the Kinect system.

  • Amma - Great product, with probiotics and PREbiotics

    This is a great product. I have been looking for a probiotic that includes a PREbiotic. And, when I take this, I do have increased energy. I am sort of sorry that the name makes it sound like a weight loss gimmick. The health benefits are what I have been searching for in a product and this one has it

  • James R. - Appears to have an effect

    I was torn between three and four stars, but I like it to buy more and enter into a regular delivery program for awhile, sums it up. I tested with the classic "low T"--I haven't retested yet, so I don't know if this product has had a measurable impact on my testosterone level--but, I have felt more energetic then in months. My weightlifting has improved, with seemingly greater strength, and I think I have noticed a firmer musculature. I have been on Ageless Male for a month and a half. But the changes are significant enough to have me continue use.

  • K. Ray - Best bra ever.

    I hate bras, I picked this one up originally because I was at the store, I needed new bras (had been putting off shopping for them), and I very rarely see wire-free bras in actual stores. Now I'm ordering as many as I can. This bra is sturdy, with thick elastic (especially in the straps). The cups are some fabric which is smooth on the outside and super soft (slightly fuzzy) on the insides, there is no padding in the cups except for the thickness of the fabric, but it does an OK job of providing modesty under a shirt. The rest of the bra is a thinner, almost mesh-like material--slightly artificial feeling, but soft and strong, comfortable next to the skin, and helps with sweating. The cut supports (a medium/C cup) without squeezing or giving you a "uniboob" look like a sports bra. The three-hook closure in the back feels kind of wide at first but you get used to it.

  • A. Metz - Great--much better than John Frieda Secret Weapon

    Works great and I love the smell. The best part is that it doesn't leave a sticky residue on your hands. When I am in a hurry in the morning I can just smooth with a little bit of the serum and run out the door--no need to wash it off!

  • masterbeeb - Ingenious solution to ink frustration... Well worth the investment!

    Just brought this baby home last week. My husband and I LOVE this printer! So happy that I won't have to deal with changing out ink for 2+ years. With the amount of pages we print, we'll probably be able to stretch this supertank of ink out for 3-4 years without refilling... which is AWESOME. Print quality is good - just what we need. Really happy that Epson came up with this ingenious solution to the hassle of changing out ink cartridges. Well worth the investment.