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  • Samiram - Fantastic!

    This CD is the best recording of Jesus Christ Superstar to be made yet. I have listened to all of the different albums and the only one that comes close is the original concept album. Because this CD was made in 1996, it has a "newer" feel and the quality of the sound is amazing. The concept version has an older, more funky feel because it was made in 1970. If you like the older, funkier sound, the concept album is a good choice, but this one is the best in my opinion. The vocals are astounding, especially by Steve Balsamo as Jesus. He can hit the high notes perfectly. He makes Glenn Carter (2000 revival's Jesus)look like an amateur. Judas is played by Zubin Varla who has a gruff yet beautiful quality to his voice. Mary Magdalene played by Joanne Ampil is good (a lot better than Yvonne Elliman in my opinion) but she doesn't have an edge to her voice that makes her interesting or unique like Steve Balsamo and Zubin Varla. The supporting characters are sung very good as well. The other versions pale in comparison, especially the original soundtrack which is almost unlistenable because of Ted Neeley. Like I said earlier, the thing that sets this CD apart from the Concept recording is the quality of the sound. The vocals might even be better on the concept album, but this is the one to go with.

  • Abeau - Mediocre Vi-Salus

    I was really excited to receive the Vi-Salus shakes that were recommended to me by my local gym (which has a contract with them) and after receiving it, I was very disappointed. I made my first one and took it to work, I took a sip of it and was blasted with a over the top sugar taste. It was comparable to sweetened cake batter, except in a thinner milky form. Needless to say the taste and the texture were not very appetizing. I thought I could get used to the flavor so I continued to make one for supper and breakfast the next day, after attempting to stomach those, I ended up vomiting for the next 2 days. Not exactly what I would consider 'worth it.' I went back to my gym and told the trainer what had happened, his response 'Yeah, that happens frequently, people have a problem with the taste'.. My thought 'Thanks for the recommendation...'

  • Claude Gauthier - Reliable hardware

    It works as expected and it is a very worthy investment to protect your equipment. I have 2 of these. One is used only for wireless modem and cable modem. The battery will last for more than 6 hrs in order to provide connectivity. Of course, the real test will be how long before I need to change the battery.... For now, its too new to know.. but if I can get 24 months of reliable battery performance, my review will stay at 5 stars.

  • Brian D. Croteau - They appear to be well mounted and sturdy. Reading the install tips by others buyers was ...

    I found the racks very east to install and they were marked front and back with the shorter going in the back. I leave today for a 1500 hundred mile round trip, with a loaded carrier on top, so we will see. They appear to be well mounted and sturdy.

  • AngularJazz - The wind beneath my WINGS

    I was lucky enough to see John perform a couple days before the album came out - so I got a signed copy of course. What's incredible about this album is John's ability to put a unique twist on Sir Paul's songs without deviating too much from the original tunes. I appreciate that John chose songs from many different parts of Paul's solo career, post-Beatles. Of course it would have been cool if a Beatles song appeared but I'm guessing they couldn't secure all the rights - not to worry - Paul McCartney has a litany of amazing solo material to choose from. "Warm & Beautiful" is probably my favorite track at the moment but I'm also really digging "Silly Love Songs" and "Junk" which doesn't immediately jump out as a song that Paul is known for. Whether or not you get this album, you most definitely should NOT miss John in concert if he's rolling through your town. The show is just fantastic and has a lot of material from John's impressive career. Grab this album if you're even remotely interested in hearing Paul McCartney being channeled by one of today's most successful Great American Songbook artists.

  • Customer - Outstanding Product Superb Customer Service

    After years of struggling with be under weight and having Sickle Cell Anemia I decided to do some research and stumbled on CB-1. I must say I am very pleased with the results not only have my pain crises minimized but I am now a healthy weight and I have been able to maintain it ever since. Thanks to CB-1 and their wonderful team. I am a lifelong customer now and have sent many others to them -- Melissa J., Germantown, MD