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  • D. Wilhelm - I love this stuff!!!!!

    I've been a fan of neocell super collagen 1 & 3 for yeaars <3 I bought it many years ago initially for vanity reasons, but instead found that it made my tendonitis go away! I am a very active person and am constantly putting stress on my feet and legs, so I live on this stuff now! My feet feel stronger and are able to heal completely, it helps with pain management too. It also does help your nails grow out faster and very strong. I haven't noticed any difference in my skin or hair, and I don't understand how this product helps you sleep better or lose weight, but anyway... people who have problems with stress on their connective tissues should definitely consider taking this :)

  • Jeremiah - Works as advertised

    I got this to spray on my knee brace after tennis so it wouldn't smell so quickly and spare the number of times I'd need to wash it. It works. Instead of an unbearable smell after just a couple of matches, I use 3-5 spritz on the brace and can easily go a dozen matches without needing to wash it. My best guess is this does as it says and kills the bacteria.

  • A Bell - Great way to have a healthy dessert!

    This works great. We now have healthy ice cream or sorbet. You can make soft serve ice cream with just bananas or you can mix frozen fruit with it (yummy too). You can also just make sorbet without using the bananas and just the frozen fruit. Try all sorts of combinations.

  • Kage - Great TV

    The largest negative review I saw related to this TV (outside of DoA, which happens with all electronics) was that people did not like the remote. I found the remote just fine to be honest. It much different than remotes of the past with hundreds of buttons. This one takes a simplistic approach, similar to what you might find for Apple TV. Just fine by my standards.

  • Amazon Customer - Seasoning

    I was very sad and disappointed when Mc Cormick discontinued this product, but was so excited to find in online through Amazon. Will be splitting these bottles between my daugther and son's girlfriend and myself. When I see we are getting low, I will definetly order more and hope the supply is still there. Happy Happy Happy. ( P.S., this is the secret to my delicious tuna casserole)

  • NC actuary - This guy can write!

    Where to start? The story is based on an actual event, the internment of German sailors in an Appalachian resort hotel, converted to that purpose. The author writes in the first person, and it is a dark, brooding story - but not overly so. The hero is fighting several demons that are slowly revealed and portend the eventual climax. We meet several interesting characters in the small North Carolina town; some good, some bad and some are ambiguous - just like real life. Midway through the book, the author introduces a love story that is sensitively written, which I'm told is quite an achievement for a male writer. (No explicit groping, but the first person allows us to understand the hero's feelings and later dilemma.) For me, this book set the 5 star bar for future novels.

  • Bonnie Church - Secretagogues

    Dr. Klatz did an excellent job outlining the history and benefits of HGH role in age reversal. About a month ago I tried a high quality source of secretegogues. Secretagogue is a supplement that increases the production of HGH naturally. My results have been amazing...Within 3 weeks I lost fat, eliminated menopausal fatigue, depression and hot flashes. I am 48 years old and feel 10 years younger. But LET THE BUYER BEWARE - there is alot of junk out there masquerading as HGH precursor. Look for a reliable source of secretegogue in powder form... with no fillers and no animal HGH... A high quality formula is not inexpensive - but in my opinion it's priceless.