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  • BigDadNau - Missing Critical capabilites

    DOES NOT PLAY COPY PROTECTED (store bought) BLU-RAY DISCS! The old version used to do this. I "upgrade" and poof...can't play blu-rays on my PC.

  • James - Return of the dreaded Ribbon interface

    I've been using Office heavily since the 1995 version and always considered it one of the best products MS has ever produced. Starting in 2007 they introduced that horrid Ribbon interface which completely replaced the traditional and intuitive drop-down menus with a confusing jumble of icons spread amongst different tabs. Almost immediately the user base was divided between people who like the ribbon, and people like myself who can't stand it. In the years since I've been forced to use Office 2007 and 2010 at work, I've gotten used to the ribbon to some extent but I still hate it. In addition to that, newer versions of Office introduced a new .docx file format which Office 2003 does not support. This change strikes me as a blatant attempt to force users to upgrade in order to share documents with users of Office 2010.

  • Phil Renteria - 50th review

    So, let me start by saying that I honestly don't remember how I came across this book, or what led me to purchase it. Truthfully, I had just about given up having a lively sex life with the wife and would have settled for the 'its normal' waning period of marriage even during my mid thirties (which would suck) and focus more on beta activities such as gardening and child rearing.


    This is a superior video! It is not at all an Obama-bashing attempt to put him down for whatever reason. As a matter of fact, it just simply presents his life in clean and factual form. Whether you voted for him or not, you will come to see and realize all the things that happened to him in his life that has brought him to where he is today. It also shows his purpose and agenda for his time in the White House, much of what has already happened. This is something that every citizen in our country should view. I wish this type of honest and open documentary were available on every single candidate who is running for President!!!