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  • iris cruz - Wrong information in this book and alot of typos..

    Does anyone know how I can contact the manufacturer of this book? As I read this book I noticed a few typos and didn't think much of it but then I found a huge error! There is a chart on page 77 that shows the 12 hour system vs 24 hour system. Well the hours on there are backwards. 0000 (midnight) is not on the 12 hour system. I caught this mistake because I know this information but what about the new information I'm learning? There is no way I would know if that material is wrong. This is not a cheap test to take and I could have failed it because of the wrong information in this book. Please proof read this book before another edition comes out!

  • Miles D. Moore - Uniformly superb writing, uniformly melancholy tone.

    This is the first edition of "Best American Essays" that I have read, and I expected at least a few literary or political essays. As edited by Cheryl Strayed, however, the essays in the 2013 edition are uniformly, heavily personal. The only partial exceptions are Zadie Smith's "Some Notes on Attunement," which begins with Smith's youthful distaste for the music of Joni Mitchell and continues into a consideration of Kierkegaard, and John Jeremiah Sullivan's "Ghost Estates," in which Sullivan concludes that only J.M. Synge of all Irish writers could capture the Irish people in the perilous situation they face today. Otherwise, the accent throughout this volume is strictly on pesonal reminiscence, and mostly on personal tragedy.

  • Nelson A. Logan - Unable to Install

    I am past age 88 and have been a computer user since 1950 when I was at Los Alamos. I was named "Scientist/Engineer of the Year" in 1984 by Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. for for work in information technology. So, I am have considerable computer experience.

  • eli j villatorochavez - Good buy, not great, but good.

    It's a great item but it was missing the guitar picks. The box says they're included but they are not. Other than being incomplete, it's a good buy.

  • Jeff E. - Overpriced and Bad Service

    Ordered Weathertech floor mats for my mom for Christmas (2004 Prius). It took nearly 1 month to receive the mats. Don't bother calling customer service as you will likely be on hold for more than a half an hour. When I finally received the floor mats, I was not impressed with the quality when considering the cost (over $120 for just the fronts). Wouldn't purchase from Weathertech again, that's for sure.

  • GingerMan512 - Effective yet terrifying!

    My Brother-in-Law is from the Czech Republic where these are apparently common. I'll have to say I was terrified when I first saw them use it on my nice. She's about 21months and still hates this thing but damn does it work!