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  • P. Grange - I completely disagree

    I love Zap Restorer. I've been nursing along my last spray bottleful for a long time. It finally ran out. I've been looking all over for it. Can't find it anymore in retail stores, so had to go online. It actually works on fiberglass shower stalls with stains that nothing else will touch. Yes, you do have to scrub. But with the kinds of stains that can occur on the floors of those older stalls, trust me, nothing would "spray & wipe" them away. Zap restorer is great!

  • Dani - Great product if you have realistic expectations

    I started taking this product a week ago. I have been dieting and exercising, but have been stuck on a plateau for several weeks. I continued with my program just as I had before I started taking Relacore. I figured that taking a multivitamin with several herbal ingredients surely couldn't hurt anything. I've lost an inch in my waist and started to slowly lose weight again. I think it's too soon for the herbs to have any significant effect, but I feel great, I have energy, and my hair and nails look great! If you have realistic expectations, I think you'll be successful. If you're looking for a super fat burning pill, this isn't it.

  • Lola - Dental brushing exteme

    This product reminds me of the pink plaque discoloring tabs I used to get when I was a kid. Unfortunately, as I remember the pink tabs color came off with a good tooth brushing, the Dr. Song product did NOT. The black color is very difficult to look at, and it leaves a horrible mess in your sink. I do have bonding and caps on my teeth, so I am thinking this was not a good product for my dental environment. I do love the idea you really have to brush to get the color off, but I couldn't even get the color off my "very expensive" oral B sonic toothbrush head. I literally had to turn on the hot water to get the discoloration off of the brush, and even then I couldn't remove. I would highly recommend having a baking soda mouthwash ready for your post charcoal brushing. It does help remove the coloring! I gave this product 2 stars because I love the idea of longer brushing, and really working on my gargle session. Just promise yourself not in a rush, and get ready to work. I received this product for a discounted price for a honest review.

  • Maciek - Works like a dream...

    I'm on MacPro 10.6.8, full installer included, along 10.4, 10.5, 10.7, 10.8, bum, restarted, connected. Thanks!

  • TRK65 - FANTASTIC product if you apply it sparingly

    I bought this product before putting our last house on the market to freshen up the floors. It worked very well using the conventional application method of squirting it out of the bottle onto the floor and spreading it with a damp mop. I only used it once on those floors so I didn't experience any buildup problems.

  • Cecil Ram - This diet is a breeze.

    This diet is a breeze. Anybody can be successful on it. I lost 96 pounds using their Link and Balance Method. I feel 25 years old again -- and my health report looks that way too. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to safely lose weight without a whole lot of rules and regulations. It makes perfect medical sense. I know. I was a fat doctor. I now give copies of this book to not only my overweight patients, but to all those patients that need to develop correct nutritional habits.