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  • hangten - Good for home. Bad for Planes

    I have had the clek fllo for a month now and overall, I do love it as a car seat. The Fllo fixed majority of the "issues" that people had with the Foonf. I had the Foonf, and had to return it because it wouldn't fit in any of my vehicles (Prius, 4runner and Accord) and for several other reasons/issues that are well known about the Foonfs.

  • M. Fitzgerald - Overpriced, well-marketed, mediocre cultery

    THESE are famed Cutco knives?! I'd suppose if you're accustomed to buying cutlery at Sears, these may seem like good knives, but compared to real knives such as Misono or Togiharu, they're a freaking joke, can't even decently slice a tomato. Adding insult to injury, Cutco is audacious enough to place itself at the same price bracket as real knives. Even an hour on the water stone can't get this fat, heavy, dull blade to yield a respectable cut. The steel in the Cutco is excessively hard to reduce the amount of sharpening it seems, but in order to prevent chipping of such a hard blade it seems cutco made the blades excessively thick as well. Impractically so for fine slicing in fact. On top of that, the excessive hardness makes sharpening all that much more difficult. And the blade still dulls in 2 months. There is no reason for a home chef to have such hard steel, especially when the blade is so poorly designed.

  • Stevies - Love love love

    I've been waiting to buy this keyboard since it came out and man was it worth the wait! The lights are fantastic and the customization is beyond what I was expecting. The keyboard has a wonderful feel to it and the response time is perfect.