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  • Lindsay - Best purchase

    I got this for my 5 year old nephew and he was in love with it. It is messy and it does take a little time to get the bones out but he sat and enjoyed every moment of it! I would reccomend it to anyone who has a dinosaur lover!

  • rory.talbot - ACT! 2011

    Given how consistently buggy this software is, I can only conclude that ACT! is deliberately defective. Sheer random chance could not dictate the volume of problems this awful program has, so therefore it must be intentional. The MYSQL interface burns everything in its path. Customer service is non-existent. It's like they are inviting you to leave. They want you to pay them to tech in their awful software. It doesn't work on all machines. It loses all your data. It destroys your Outlook. Installing it creates more problems than the worst virus. Not an exaggeration. I've had to deal with the most pernicious viruses ever conceived by man, and this software makes them all look tame by comparison. We ordered 3 copies for our company, one of which was accidentally destroyed by the shipper. Little did we know that that would be the best part of our experience with ACT! by Sage. When we finally got a version working, we had to re-input all of our data several times because it kept crashing, then refusing to load. In total this year, we've lost 207 man hours trying to use this worthless program. THE BEST PART OF THIS PROGRAM IS UNINSTALLING IT.

  • matthew parrott - Nice size and perfect thickness

    I do like this pillow and think it's somewhat useful, but my son rolls right off of it while on a glad surface. I do like it in the bouncy seat.

  • Yvette - Better than Listerine

    I used this product a long time ago on the recommendation of my dentist. I stopped sing it and then started using listerine on the recommendation of another dentist. Big mistake. This works really well to kill germs that want to hang out in your mouth and on your tongue and tonsils. It prevents the bad breath smell from coming back.

  • Forrest - Read This If You Are Thinking About An Upgrade From Your $50-100 Blender (Especially You Smoothie Fans!)

    Our Cuisinart blender served us faithfully for 10 years. My wife acquired a smoothie habit and it was suddently realized that it was not up to the task of smashing ice into dust. Time for an upgrade.