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  • Marc - Horrible battery!

    I have had this product and the leaf blower (both 24 volt) for about a year. Recently I have not gotten much use out of either due to the serious lack of battery life. With what I believe is a full charge, I can't even blow off my driveway or edge it for that matter. It seems that after the one year mark, your battery will completely stop working. When confronted, the worx help line/website will happily direct you to their website to buy a new $100 battery. There is no support or backing for this faulty product. Only a pit of money!

  • T. Watson - Great coverage, nice products

    Excellent products & attentive service! My gray hairs were getting resistant to drugstore hair color. Salon hair color is too expensive for me. This is a great alternative.

  • Sally Tarbet - Terrible, Pump failed in 12 uses

    I wouldn't buy another HAAN product. The pump failed within 12 uses... Not covered under warranty because it was over a year old. Waste of money. Disapponted in the customer service when I called to see if I could buy another pump. The answer was "no, we don't sell those." I asked if I could buy the center unit section "oh, no, we don't sell those seperately". So because a (probably) $3 part has failed I have to throw a $100 unit in the trash. How wasteful is that??? It is driving me crazy that I have to toss this thing away. Haan is not a very 'green' company.

  • FLRoadman - Great for Macbook Pro 2010

    Purchased this for a Mid-2010 Macbook Pro that was giving me many beach balls lately. I took my new SSD drive and installed it into a USB/SATA drive holder 

  • Kindle Customer - I really like this chair..

    I got this chair because in my advancing years, I can actually use this product. I can move it around, and it's very stable and comfortable to use while exercising.

  • Melissa Bowen - Possible if buying one for each room?

    I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review'' in your review as this is explicitly required by Amazon. I got this hoping it would help. I live in the country. We are having issue with ant and mice. The ants did not leave, however they did not go o the wall where the device was plugged in either. And we have been still trying to catch that mouse. It seemed to have moved rooms. It said with package it only worked on one room. So I guess if you got one for every room they may work. I am not sure. It does have a nice blue night light though.