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  • Arlene F James - Wow! This book is so real, you will feel like you are.

    I have just finished the third book. Wonderful storey telling. The soldiers are so real and the monsters are terrifying. These novels are very intense and will have you page-turning while you are on the edge of your seat. Thank you Daniel, for such well written books. You ate now one of my favorite authors.

  • Lisa Smith - Great family game

    Love this game. With it being digital it makes the game go so much quicker. It's a little different at first to not play with physical money but it makes it a time friendly game. The kids really loved this game. It would of been neat if FREE PARKING was still some type of jackpot though,

  • Chelsey D. - While it was easily applied and it came when i tried it on ...

    While it was easily applied and it came when i tried it on with my eyeshadows it began to crease on me a little. And i used with with out foundation and have used it with and the foundation i use its 24hours and the packaging for the shadow insurance made some of the shadow to crease upper lid.

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    Doctor recommend d-Hist for seasonal allergies. Also had a problem with chronic hives, especially during cold weather. Since I started taking d-Hist, the hives have gone away, despite having been a problem for me for nearly 20 years. I have used the product for about the last 6 months, and I have not taken any medications for sinus trouble or allergies. I do, however, notice a little nasal drip. I don't know if it is directly related to taking the d-Hist, but I'll take that over nasal congestion any day.

  • Reader Lady - My Musings

    Loved that this one was based on historical characters and covered a historical event in Scottish history. The romance is moving and had me weeping a few tears. The battle scenes were so real, I experienced true horror at the descriptive writing, but in a heart pounding, pulse racing way. I'm so glad I found this excellent book. Happy reading!