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  • Nicole - Great idea for a toy, keeps my 7 months old entertained

    This is such a great idea for a baby toy, my son (7 months) absolutely loves it. You blow up the edges with air and fill in the middle with water, however much you choose. It was not super easy to get the water in without spilling, so it should be done over a sink. However, it was worth it because my son thinks this toy is the coolest. He loves trying to push around the fish toys inside. The plastic seems thick and like it will hold well, however, if you were to poke it with something sharp I'm sure it would pop, just like anything else like this. But, so far no issues, I just keep sharp items away from it. I also do keep my three year old away from it as I am sure he could find some way to pop it. But for a baby, awesome toy. Would buy this again for sure.

  • Stefano Allari - An excellent mistake

    This record established a new standard in musical and technical quality, and a border between the "before" and the "after". It is excellent under many aspects, and includes some KILLER songs, such as "Another brick in the wall II", "Mother", "Comfortably numb". Plus many beautiful songs: "Goodbye blue sky", "Nobody home", ... too many to be listed, really. The experimental mix of music and "live takes", which started back with "Alan's psychedelic breakfast" is brought here close to perfection. Technically, it is a reference, and better than TDSOTM. You could never say it is 22 years old. The timbre and quality of pianos, keyboards, guitars make it a true "classic". In fact, it sounds better than most albums recorded nowadays. Is it perfect? No. The conceptual architecture in which the Pink Floyd "framed" their music is somewhat weak. The sequence of themes is not always coherent. Some of the songs are weaker than the rest. The atmosphere is here and there a little gloomy. Were it not for these few (very few) weak points this would be THE music record. As it is, however, it is one of the best albums ever recorded.