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  • Scott K - Huge disappointment - expensive add on apps and horrible performance.

    The applications are way over priced (look at them before you buy this device) and the tablet is so sluggish it's almost unuseable. I'm very disappointed in the overall experience using the device. If we had not thrown the box away I would have returned it - a waste of money. You'd be better off investing in a 7" Android tablet and getting better performance, cheaper applications, and more flexibility in terms of the device "growing" with your child. I've updated to the latest firmware of the device and it's still a very poor user experience simple tasks like scrolling through the applications you have installed is painfully slow in addition the touch screen seems to severely lack responsiveness.

  • Mirrek Balderson - Gameplay is fun but servers amd menus are awful.

    I enjoy the gameplay but the menus are so bad and I have been consistently kicked out of games because of the server. Not sure if I will return yet, gonna wait to see if servers improve, if not I will return.

  • RWmccurdy - Good value for entry level

    This is a good value for the infancy of this technology. Wireless ear buds are just starting to hit the mainstream with a variety of different brands and kick starter campaigns. For an entry level set of wireless ear buds these are not bad. Sound quality is good and they do not stick out of your ear an excessive amount when wearing them. In real time battery usage I was able to squeeze out about 5 hours of usage, which is on the low side of most wireless ear buds, but acceptable. The two areas where I knocked off some stars were the unstable Bluetooth connection and proprietary charging cable. These two things are crucial for two reasons. It is not enjoyable to listen to music that drops every few minutes and having a proprietary charging cable means that if you lose the charging cable you will have to by a brand new set of earbuds. I can understand having to take some shortcuts with the cheap plastic build of the ear buds to bring the price down. However, a stable Bluetooth connection and a more universal charging method are fundamental to having a good set of wireless earbuds.

  • Bill C. - Pretty good stuff for the money

    I've had this unit for about a week now and what I see mostly is that the construction is very sturdy, but the deck is not flexible as I would like it to be.

  • andreia - This is ok, doesn't grow much of your hair ...

    This is ok, doesn't grow much of your hair. I used it for a month then I started getting pimples (which I have never had). And no I'm not starting puberty. I'm an adult and this didn't make a huge difference on my hair growth. Buy at your own risk