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  • Parky - good program a little confusing

    I like thr program , but is confusing compared to the American Greeting Card program I previously used and liked. It is a little clunky in application and condusing to use. I guess I'll get used to it????

  • BlueChef1 - just a beautiful bat

    well balanced, great feel in your hands and a beautiful acoustic pop when you hit the ball. this is an excellent bat!!!

  • S.P. - Nothing but trouble.

    I need to scan a high volume of documents (200+ pages a week) for work, and a "friend" recommended this scanner. Since it was purchased for me through my office's procurement department, returning it and getting a different model could take weeks, so I'm stuck with it. Right out of the box it was trouble, and for high volume scanning it's a nightmare. I've tried the equipment and software on three different computers, and have the same problems with all of them.