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  • Daniel B - If this book could be turned into a movie, it better star Keanu Reeves.

    At only $495, this is a gold mine! I have been endlessly searching for the 2002-2009 edition of the Outlook of Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China, but always left the bookstores and libraries empty handed and agitated. The clerk's never knew what I was asking for or claimed to have "never heard of it." Pretty soon those very same people will be demanding $15 an hour too.

  • Amazon Customer - Elves, Paladins, and Romans! Oh my!

    To get lost in a wonderful world/setting, premise, interesting characters. This is why I love books. This one does that for me. It doesn't have the prose or word rich vivid descriptions of Tolkien or Patrick Rothfuss. Nor does it have the total

  • real review - works very fast with small quantity

    i saw a pest control guy applying this and then I bought it for my brother. it is very effective. you need to apply small drops in hard to reach areas or where you think you have a problem (below a counter/on drawer edges/cupboard hinges etc). what happens is that it poisons the cockroaches (does not kill them immediately) and when they go back to their nest they die and the other roaches eat them (since they eat their own) and they get poisoned and basically you have a multiplier effect. within a day you are done!

  • Amazon Customer - Received office instead of what I ordered.

    Received Microsoft Office 2013 Pro two times instead of the operating system I ordered. Hoping the package due tomorrow (3rd order) will be correct.

  • acatlover8 - Checkbook Registers

    Because I almost always use my debit card instead of writing checks, I find myself running out of check registers. I have checked every local supply store, and no one had them. On to the internet. I did my search and went to several sites. This was the least expensive of the places I found. They arrived quickly and exactly as I wanted. Will absolutely order from here again!