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  • Miker - Fixes Wind Whistle!

    If you're truck suffers from 'Wind Whistle' while highway driving, it's 1 of 2 problems. The antenna, or, you have a very jolly rodent living in your dashboard.

  • Chicago - A pain in the ***

    I ordered this product because there seems to be no others on the market. I am two days and three phone calls into setup. I hate paying for software that is so difficult to install. Follow the instructions; if you don't care which drive the software is installed on; and if you want to upload your proprietary information onto the "cloud" with Intuits other clients. I don't want to be their client, I just want software to keep track of business revenues, expenses, taxes and payroll. This is an overreaching headache. It reminds me of the original lotus software and the headaches it produced. Hopefully a better alternative is around the corner. I will be having conversations with accountants, software engineers, and marketing experts to determine whether there is alternate to be developed.

  • Marie Muckerman - Another unappreciated life

    Choppy transitioning back and forth in the timeline. She never takes ANY responsibility of her own for the life she feels is so empty. She doesn't do anything about the"emptiness". She readily admits that her sleeping in late bugs the husband. She might not need a sleeping pill if she didn't already sleep too much. She slobs in to a job she is overqualified for, doesn't like and doesn't need the money. It takes the death of the girl (drug addled and escaping her life) to rattle Evelyn's self imposed cage and make her realize that she could escape.