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  • Ling Luan - Deception

    I have been using quickbooks and enhanced payroll, when it came to time to renew the payroll subscription, I called Intuit customer service first, asked the differences between renew it online directly through Intuit payroll service center and buy another copy in retail store, the customer service rep told me there is no difference, but she would go for a cheaper one, which is in retail store, I asked her if there is additional fees and such, she said no. I even checked the website to verify the pricing, found out absolutely no information about additional charges. Then I went off to Staples and got myself a copy of 2014 Enhanced payroll, when I was activating the subscription service over the phone, I was asked for credit card information, and surprisingly found out they charge $2/employee/month. When I asked the rep where I can find this information, she said "oh, you can't. But I can see it in the activation process". Then I was trying to verify if this means the 1st employee free, and 2nd employee will be charged $2/month and so forth, she put me on hold, and came back with answer like this "it depends on how much you paid in retail store. If you pay more in retail store, you get 1st employee free, if you pay less, you have to pay all the employees." I can not believe what I heard. This is completely a deception!

  • BaPuters - Acronis Backup and Imaging!

    Having worked in IT for 17 years, I can say, this is ONE OF THE BEST solutions available today. Previously, I used CasperXP with OK results (as well as some proprietary software from Samsung, Norton Ghost etc). What makes this awesome is the SIMPLICITY. Can you press two buttons? Then you can use this program!

  • Kev and Deb - Great product!

    This device is perfect. The ease of use is amazing. We set up the account and registered device at sensored life. Went to our place in northern Maine, plugged it in and I was able to go to the website and there was all my info. Told me the temperature, humidity, and status of power. I unplugged unit to test and within a minute got a text alert. Plugged it back in and got another text alert with status!! You do need good cell service however. Best investment we have made in a long time. Price is great for such piece of mind. We are ordering another for our residence in mass.