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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Kyle Kaplan - Regularly drops all signals, the 5hz more than the ...

    Regularly drops all signals, the 5hz more than the 2.4hz. You can even watch it from the router page. All of a sudden all devices get disconnected and have to reset. I reset everything to original by doing a reset and it still does it. I contacted Asus and they started to help me by telling me to download new firmware and reset everything and that didn't didn't work. Now they won't return the 3 emails I sent them. $300 waste of money!

  • gentle mist - Why did they change the scent??

    I've been a user of St. Ives Invigoration scrub for years, through packaging changes, you name it, and have loved it! It works great, however the past few months they've changed the fragrance and even advertise on the tube that it has a "new scent". My goodness, what did they do??? This new scent, to put it bluntly, stinks!! To the point it almost makes me gag using it in the shower. Sure, it's still the same great product but why did they have to change the scent??? For that reason alone, I can no longer use this and reluctantly must rate this newer product 1 star.


    Best Medical Reference I have EVER seen or owned that caters to the genetic makeup and needs of Afrikan descendants. Period. I recommend it to all members of the Afrikan Diaspora who are trying to obtain knowledge of self and use natural medicines and methods that have in turn been used successfully for TENS OF THOUSANDS of years across the world.

  • Masked Despair - I am NOT HAPPY with this product and I am going to attempt ...

    Was suckered into this by a pushy salesperson at a mall kiosk for the "discount" of 100$. I tried it at home for a party and it is absolute junk. I am NOT HAPPY with this product and I am going to attempt to return it immediately. I wish I had had the sense to immediately say NO and save myself the aggravation and loss of a "restocking fee". I don't even usually like to straighten or curl my hair that often, and from what I'm reading here, it won't last long enough to justify the 100$ purchase price and WILL damage hair even though I was assured that it won't.

  • california girl - anti-oil to minimize fingerprints and oils on the surface Easy to Clean Full bonding

    HIGH QUALITY TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR 0.3MM - 9H Product Features: Anti-dust surface, anti-oil to minimize fingerprints and oils on the surface Easy to Clean Full bonding, easily attaches to screen can be re attached. Fully transparent: very thin 0.3mm, chemically treated transparent tempered glass. Surface hardness: The surface is 9H, Which is equivalent to 9 times the strength of ordinary glass and is extremely resistant to key scratches. Installation Guide: Step 1 - Find a dust-free room. (bathroom) Step 2 - Use the wet wipe followed by the dry wipe to clean the surface. Step 3 - Remove the bottom protective layer and align and attach to phone. Step 4 - Removing the upper protective layer. Compatible Models: iPhone 6 4.7" / 6S 4.7'' Package Includes: 1 - Tempered Glass Screen Protector 1 - Eco-Friendly Dry Wipe 1 - Eco-Friendly Wet Wipe PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rounded design of the iPhone 6 screen and in order to enhance compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen.

  • A. spiegel - I really wanted to fall in love with this

    It does what it says it does but this is why i give the 3 star review, i have long fine hair and i had minimal snags when using this but and i do mean but, this unit is heavy, to try and do the back of your own hair while waiting for this to curl is a bit strenuous, and by strenuous I mean my arms were shaking and i only got the bottom half of my hair done. I will stick with my hot curlers as these are much easier to use. If they can manage to make a more user friendly lighter unit this would rock, but until then, if you purchase this, prepare for a killer arm workout. also have to mention you have to face this unit with one side always to your head (labeled on unit which side) which can be difficult when curling the back of your head. Save your money and get a good quality hot curler set instead, trust me.

  • big family - Works great to prevent stomach flu!

    I haven't been a big believer in essential oils until staying at a friend's house...a couple of our children got the stomach flu, my friend immediately gave the rest of us (7 people) Thieves oil in water. She put some in water on the stove top, sprayed some around in a bottle of water/thieves...and no more of us got sick!! Since then we were at another friends house and some of their children got sick, we started using Thieves like it was going out of style, none of us that used it got sick! So I think I dare say this works great!