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  • James D'Aries - Perfect Way To Add To Your Skills

    If you think you know how to use Excel than you're exactly the person that needs this training video. I use Excel at work for Construction Estimating. I thought a had a handle on all the features - I wasn't even close. Trust me, buy the Training Video. You'll be happy that you did.

  • Amazon Customer - One of the best tour guides that I have read

    One of the best tour guides that I have read.No guff, just the important and necessary information.The author has collected the sights, which are close to each other.In each of these cities, arriving at the city center, can be viewed from many attractions.There is no need to travel to different parts of the city.Special thanks to the author for the good advice.My rating - 5 stars. A must-read.

  • Bluefish - A better description might be "stream of consciousness impressions

    Calling the entries in this book "stories" is a bit of a stretch. A better description might be "stream of consciousness impressions." Then if you like that kind of literature I would rate it top notch.

  • D. Hailey - Holding up to heavy traffic

    Fast delivery, perfect fit, no signs of wear after several months of heavy traffic (forgive the "pun").

  • Kelly Osborne - I Love the Slendertone Ab Belt

    I purchased this belt 1 week ago.. The very first day I took a photo before using it.. Yesterday (June 11th) marked 1 week of using it daily.. The results are amazing.. I use the 40 minute sessions.. Started at the intensity of 40 and went up with each session.. I keep it on for 2-3 hours each use, take a break for 2-3 hours and put it back on.. I am not at the intensity of 67.. I am looking forward to the end results.. I have set a 30 trial for myself.. I would say get one.. Take it one day at a time.. Results will soon appear.. Good Luck to all who purchase this.. I love mine...