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  • Sarah - You need to consistently take these for at least 6 ...

    You need to consistently take these for at least 6 months before you're going to see improvement, but it does help. I have nails that are naturally thin, prone to peeling, and just generally break all the time. They are a lot stronger with this product. I haven't noticed much with my hair, but I've always had very thick, shiny hair so I wasn't taking these pills for that reason. I take these pills regularly now and I buy them again whenever I run out.

  • Glenn Drysdale - Outstanding bag, lots of pockets with many featured that ...

    Outstanding bag, lots of pockets with many featured that add to its usability. Attention to detail and quality are obvious.

  • Peter - Stopped working in under 30 days.

    A friend of mine purchased this computer and I was in need of a new one and he said it was great. I ordered it right away from Amazon. It arrived, I set it up and it worked fantastic. A few days later my friend tells me his stopped working. Not a good sign. Well mine worked perfectly for about 4 weeks and yesterday glitched out and no longer works. I called ASUS technical support and they were very very very sub-par. No help at all. My choices ship it back to them at my expense and they would repair it and return it to me. Thank goodness Amazon is so great and have a good return policy, because ASUS does not. I will continue my voracious shopping on Amazon but have purchased my last ASUS product.

  • Misteron - Backup Software that really works.

    I have totally relied on a image backup for years and this software has been the best I have ever used. I am impressed how user friendly it is.I recently had a incident with some anti-virus software that really screwed up on my Windows 10 Pro computer. I tried System Restore first and it failed. I tried to uninstall the anti-virus and it failed as well. Acronis was my last hope with a backup image I had made several days earlier. I inserted the Acronis Recovery Disc and ran the backup. It worked like a charm!