Azia Medical Spa - - Azia Medical Spa’s team of Medical and Aesthetic professionals provide the latest laser and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles, eliminate fat, tighten skin, even out skin color, smooth texture and control acne.

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  • About Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham Alabama  - Birmingham AL Medical Spa offers a variety of services from topical anti-aging treatments, laser treatments, surgical procedures and more: 205 980-7772
  • Wellness - Azia Medical Spa - At Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama, we offer a variety of wellness services such as: WOMEN’S HEALTH Hormones and Your Health Hormones Replacement T
  • Women's Health - Azia Medical Spa - HORMONES AND YOUR HEALTH If you are researching hormone therapy options, chances are you are experiencing changes in your body that result in a number of h
  • Men's Health | Men’s Sexual Health – Azia Medical Spa - Azia Men’s Health Clinic offers men with sexual dysfunction or in need of confidence. Regain your sexual prowess and start performing today.
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program in Birmingham AL - Weight Loss Program includes initial visit with doctor, stat check, weigh-ins, BCA testing, prescription and consultations with our team.
  • O-Shot | Orgasm Shot | Female Sexual Disorder in Birmingham - The O-Shot or Orgasm Shot addresses female sexual disorder, decreased arousal, and orgasm. Call Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham for an O-Shot consultation.
  • P-Shot ®, Priapus Shot ® | Penis Enlargement In Birmingham - Boost confidence and size with a priapus (p-shot), increase size, fertility, and blood flow.
  • Medical Spa in Birmingham Alabama - Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham Alabama offers facials, non-invasive anti-aging treatments and have staff that can administer medical treatment when needed.
  • VENUS FREEZE - Azia Medical Spa - Venus Freeze is available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama. Good option for: Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Inch Reduction, Cellulite Reductio
  • Zerona Body Contouring - Azia Medical Spa - Enjoy all the benefits of liposuction without the need for incisions with ZERONA™ Body Contouring available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Slimlipo Laser Liposuction - Azia Medical Spa - Get rid of unwanted  cellulite and fat with SlimLipo Laser Liposuction available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Botox Cosmetic Services – Azia Medical Spa - Azia Medical Spa offers Botox Cosmetic Services that provide noticeable results with no need for surgery through injections in wrinkled area.
  • Juvederm in Birmingham AL – Azia Media Spa - Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham AL offers Juvederm that consist of injectable gel used to add volume to targeted areas.
  • Perlane® Med Spa Treatment in Birmingham - Perlane® is a treatment used for anti-aging targeting areas of the face, around the nose and mouth.
  • Radiesse - Azia Medical Spa - Radiesse available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, a safe, long lasting treatment for those persons wishing for a natural looking, appearance,
  • Restylane-L - Azia Medical Spa - Restylane-L, a cosmetic derma-filler, is a lubricating gel of that is used to treat facial wrinkles, folds., and fill lips.
  • Sculptra Aesthetic for Collagen Loss -  Azia Medical Spa - Sculptra Aesthetic available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama. Replace lost collagen in a subtle manner, showing lasting results over time.
  • Face Lifts Treatments – Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham Al - Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham AL offers surgical face lifts procedures that include deep planet facelift and rhytidectomy.
  • Face Implants, Chin, and Cheek Augmentation - Azia Medical Spa - Azia Medical Spa is Birmingham, Alabama’s best source for face implants, cheek, and chin augmentation.
  • RHINOPLASTY - Azia Medical Spa - NOSES / RHINOPLASTY Many people are dissatisfied with certain facial features they are born with, such as lips or eyes, but noses seem to be the most commo
  • Cosmetic Blepharoplasty - Azia Medical Spa - Cosmetic blepharoplasty that to offers a solution to excess skin, drooping skin or bags under the eyes. Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham AL.
  • Forehead or Brow Lift in Birmingham AL – Azia Medical Spa - A brow lift or forehead lift in Birmingham AL reverses the effects of age and tightens the soft tissues of the forehead, restoring a more youthful look.
  • Azia Medical Spa offers a variety of laser acne treatments to treat dermatological conditions and boost confidence. - Azia Medical Spa offers a variety of laser acne treatments to treat dermatological conditions and boost confidence.
  • Laser Hair Removal in Birmingham AL - Azia Medical Spa - Birmingham laser hair removal at Azia Medical Spa helps get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Book a laser hair reduction consult at 205-980-7772
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing Birmingham AL - Azia Medical Spa - Azia Medical Spa laser skin resurfacing in Birmingham offers you the latest state-of-the-art aesthetic medical technology for skin care treatments and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements.
  • Spider Vein Treatment - Azia Medical Spa - Get rid of unwanted vascular structures with Spider Vein Treatment available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham Alabama. 
  • Laser Treatments for Rosacea - Azia Medical Spa - Laser Treatment for Rosacea from Azia Medical Spa are available that include Laser and Intense Pulse Light advanced treatments.
  • Vampire Treatments - Azia Medical Spa - Now available at Azia Medical Spa Vampire Face Lift Vampire Facial Vampire Scar Repair Vampire Stretch Mark Treatment Vampire Hair Regrowth Contact us to f
  • Vampire Breast Lift - Azia Medical Spa - PRP Vampire Breast Lift® In Birmingham AL Vampire Breast Lift helps address problems such as gray color around the breast due to less blood flow, droopy br

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  • Kristen Walker - Does the job nicely

    The solar lights are great. Only had them mounted two days. Right now they are working great. Will probably be able to update this review later.

  • Ralf - Unfortunately my original antenna is MUCH better, this one only looks better

    Unfortunately my original antenna is MUCH better, this one only looks better, it looses too much signal. I live in the city and I listen to 1010 wins every morning and after noon with my original from my 2000 nissan xterra antenna barely loss of signal. this Stubby all the time 3 star for looks

  • Richard D. Matthew - review of the F-63 treadmill

    Its been about 4 days now since I bought my F-63. I used it for a total of 3 hours. My brother put it together for me. He said it was fairly easy putting it together. I bought mine from Dicks. And also the extended warrenty for 4 years. I liked the idea of buying it from the manufacture with no tax and free shipping however they did not have the extended 4 year plans. I used my Father's van to pick it up and take it to my house. We took it out of the car and opened the box up outside and took it in a piece at a time. The running track was realy haevy thats for sure. There was a strap on the track so in case the track did not lift out while you were moving the track. So far I realy like it. I cant do any serious running because of my knees so I walk, fast walk and do short jogs. The hand pulse grips worked for me pretty good. I have to read the mannel to how to work the chest pulse monitor. I do admit the plastic tray on lower level is pretty thin but I never use that anyway. It has big compartments on the councill. So thats not a issue to me. When I push in the lever for letting down the track it dose go down a little fast however half way down the shocks starts to kick in and slows it down till it hits the floor. When you start off and press the speed up to lets say 3 miles an hour it responds a little slow before it reaches that desired speed. But once it is at desired speed its pretty smooth running and quiet. At first I thought I heard squeeks while I had thing going but discovered that was my smeakers hitting the track causeing that sqeeky sound. It says it goes up to 10 miles an hour but it realy goes to 12 miles an hour. I was not on it while I took it to 12 but it was realy quiet and smooth going at that speed. It is easy to push around. I looked at the one at sears and to move that around you have to tilt it as though it is a refredigerator on a hand truck. And they did not have the assisted shocks to let the track down. The F-63 gives you a cheapee water bottle. I am going at a certain speed and want a goup of water and the lid comes off spilling the water on my treadmill. I will have to shop around for a better qaulity water bottle. I got a Dicks store card and got intrest free for 12 months for easy paying. i was looking at the 15" LCD DVD tv on the stand. I think thats the cheapest I have seen on the web. They dont have extended warrentees which is a disadvatage. Some things you dont need extended warrentees and others you do. Like my Plasma TV I spent 300 dollars for the extended warrentee and never used it. And yet my air condtioner unit outside the labor was good for only a year and the coils went on it 1 month after the labor contract expired and I had to pay 750.00 to fix it. The book for the treadmill says you have to lube the track every 600 hours and if the belt gets a little out of alinemnt theres set screws in the back. Hopefuly I will never have to adjust the allinement. Well if it operates as good as it did the litlle 3 hours I used it and works as well as years to come I will be a very happy person

  • Seldom Seen - Best Cup Of Coffee

    I absolutely LOVE this coffee! It's the best tasting coffee I've had in years, a very bold taste but not overbearing. Throw in the added health benefits and it's a win-win! I now drink this coffee exclusively!!