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  • B. Williams - Amazing product but 1 hour plus hold times. Will be great if that can be considerably reduced

    Amazing technology, works great and when you get someone, they are usually polite and knowledgeable. Here is the only reason for the 3 stars. I think management has told support what to say regarding hold times because they all say the same thing and that is that they are hiring and it has been a busy holiday season. They actually use the extremely long hold times as a plus to how many people are buying their product. BUT.... many others are saying or thinking the same thing that I am and that is as much as I like this product, it is only as good as it's support personnel which are good, but how many people are going to put up with an hour plus hold time every time you want to order something or ask a question. Nobody minds waiting a few minutes like most all other companies, but your hold time gets the trophy. I now know the limitations on my cordless home phone's battery time. I know that if I do not see a huge improvement in the next month, I may be taking them up on their very generous offer of the 60 day return privilege. ATTENTION MANAGEMENT !!!! THIS IS A REAL SHAME, WHEN YOU HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT AND GREAT PEOPLE BUT CANNOT SHOW THE COUNTRY THAT YOU ARE A COMPLETE WELL ROUNDED COMPETING COMPANY, BECAUSE YOU FAIL TO HAVE OR LOOK AHEAD REGARDING SUPPORT STAFF NUMBERS. YOU HAVE COME UP WITH A GREAT IDEA AND A GREAT PRODUCT, BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SUPPORT AND SALES PERSONNEL,IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME WHERE YOU WILL BE READING EVEN MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE. It is a shame.

  • K. Maguire - Awesome!

    I love this high chair! We had the Regalo with our first and it didn't hold up well at all. I love how easy this chair is to take on and off so you can actually use it when you go out. We use ours daily to save room and take it with us when we go out too! We couldn't do that with our other one because it was too hard to take on and off. I also love how you can clean the entire chair and not just rub it with a cloth!

  • Jennifer Cosgrove - But no side effects like the trophy hunters deal with now

    Woohoo!!! SHOOT ALL THE THINGS....INCLUDING ENDANGERED ANIMALS!!! But no side effects like the trophy hunters deal with now. No Cecil the Lion revenge on you.

  • Marshall R. - carry it everywhere, use all the time

    So this morning I was playing in my band when all of a sudden the screw that held the strap of my guitar came out. Luckily, I had this knife on me, and was able to screw it back in. Later once I got home, I needed to break down some boxes to fit into our recycling bin, so I got out my knife and sliced them down to size in seconds. For lunch, I decided to open up a glass bottle of coke and guess what. I reached down for my knife and got the bottle open in seconds. This knife has everything you need for day to day activity and I highly recommend it. Just know that I'm starting to see what looks like rust spots on the blade.. This is confusing because it's supposed to be stainless, but so far it's proving to not be too bad of an issue. Anyway 5/5 for this great EDC

  • D. Baldwin - ... after she raved about the benefits and I just love this product

    I first bought this from my hair stylist after she raved about the benefits and I just love this product. Her salon isn't close, so I was thrilled to find this on Amazon. Overall, it feels as though it's conditioning my hair and protecting it from heat and environmental exposure. It smells divine. I just spritz a few times after getting out of the shower (like a leave-in conditioner) and go from there. I don't add anything else if I plan to blow-dry and straighten. You really don't need much after using this, except maybe a tiny bit of product to help with frizz and flyaways.

  • Jairo Cardona - Love these taillights!

    Bought them a few months ago and haven't seen any condensation in them, they seem really well made. If you read the description these are the smoke/gold edition and they look amazing in the day as well at night! The gold isn't too noticeable until you really look at the taillights due to the smoke of the cover. I'd recommend these to any 86 owner looking to swap taillights.