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  • Sarah Marie Joncas - Nice Addition to a GRE study program

    This book seemed like a fine way to prepare fro the GRE exam. I am using it as a supplement to other resources that I had already bought. It seems to cover all major parts of the exam, though I did notice that the depth of some sections was greater than others. I wonder if this has to do with which sections people tend to struggle with, or the author's own preferences or challenges. It is less 'neutral' than the book from big test-prep companies, but that IS NOT a bad thing! It is highly approachable, and I feel that it is an easier read than Kaplan.

  • San Diego Sean - Worth the money if you use a few of the coupons,

    Good information and gaming suggestions/guidance. The coupons could be a little better, but they do give you incentives to try different things and go to different places you may not normally visit.

  • Marilyn J Dittman - Well done and very practical book

    I use this and recommend this book to anyone who is seriously desiring to detox their body. The teeth are extremely impacting on total body health far more than realized and this opens up understanding to that fact.

  • Phillip Sanchez - E-mail sending and receiving a constant issue with settings, does not work well

    Lousy product, does not work consistently. Always requires resetting your account to properly send/receive e-mail. It literally changes itself so you have to reset settings all the time.

  • Barbara Jacobs - Who can you trust

    What a great story. No billionaires to the rescue just ordinary hardworking people trying to make sense of what is happening around them. Haylie and Luke lifelong friends become lovers for a night or so they thought. Some dreams realized some stolen. Senseless loss of loved ones that were taken to young and some by the one person who is supposed to be a source of peace and comfort. Can the past and present tragedies bring them together forever?

  • MaxPayne - Awesome flashlight for short - medium purpose use

    This flashlight is a little bit longer that the original PD32 but makes up for that with its extra power. The light is a clear white light (no bluish tint) and also the beam has a big spread (not very focused but more spread out). Due to the bigger spread, it does not travel as far as other flashlights. I like this light for indoor use, around the house, garage etc and would make an excellent light for searching for things due to the large area it lights up. If you don't need to light up objects at a far distance this would make a perfect EDC light and i highly recommend. If you are looking for a outdoor, long-range flashlight, look into the TK22.