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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Review Effective - Full Fledged passive VR headset

    There is a slew of games, apps and YouTube videos to view with this headset. Just make sure you have enough memory for Google cardboard app or a phone with a gyrometer. These periphrils will make sure you have the best and emersive vr experiences . (Gyrometer is used in head tracking )

  • Ronald Stearns - The Holy Grail of adhesives!

    This stuff is absolutely great when used porous surfaces. It dries crystal clear, with no foaming as is normal for urethane glues. Applied glue dries hard to the touch but remains flexible when thinly applied. Cleans up with water yet is waterproof. Doesn't yellow like epoxies. Having all these qualities make this product unique. For me they are imperative to me since I Bought this for fishing crafts. I use it for sealing threads on bucktail jigs and flies, fly line repair and gluing cork handles for rod building. For that it's the absolute best because it's consistency can be adjusted as needed with a small brush dipped in water or pre diluted in a small refillable squeeze bottle. I'm so glad I found this product particularly for the water clean up. Oh did I say there's no smell either!

  • Meghan S. Howard - Sweet bike~

    My son loves this after his Lightning McQueen Bike was too small. This is a tad big, but he will get used to it. Also hard getting used to hand brakes instead of pedal brakes...

  • Frothbyte - Not as easy as it looks... but works great!

    I just have to say, this isn't as easy to apply as you see in the videos. But it does work! It does take some practice though. Be warned, it doesn't work too well with short hair. I usually sport a buzz cut to help minimize my balding look, and it seems that I'll need to start growing my hair longer than it's current half-inch length if I want to use this product properly.

  • AmazonChick24 - Great tablets

    I've been using these this season and they work great. I have a floating chlorinator and I use one tablet a week for my 10,000 gal pool. They don't leave a crushed mess in the chlorinator like some brands do. Usually the tablet is tiny by Saturday so I pop in a new one on top of it. Even in really hot scorching weather, one tablet is still good for the week. I do still use liquid chlorine every other week to shock it, and the combination seems to work well. As a side note, I recommend using a floater the old fashioned way because every single inline chlorinator I've used has broken, or didn't deliver enough chlorine, or got really clogged on tablet residue. Save some money and headache by using these tablets with a floater.

  • Venetia - Great supplement to help with weight loss

    I was willing to try this out since the ingredients are something that Dr. Oz has recommended and I am so glad that I did. If you are looking for a supplement to help with cravings then you should give this a try. I find that I am thinking about food less and not eating as much. And that is a hard thing to shake when you work from home with the kitchen just steps away. Taking daily walks and trying to eat healthier combined with garcinia cambogia has really been helping me to reach my goals.

  • Iryna - Very comfortable for everyday use

    I bought Highest Quality Back Brace Support belt for my father in law. He is suffering from lower back pain for more than a year. He tried a couple of different belts, they did not work.