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  • amanda cole - I am in love with this skin care line!

    This is so different from any skin product I have ever used!!! Everything about it feels natural. It is organic, it is creamy, it comes out a light shade of brown which is good because honestly- what in nature is pure white and opalescent(like other unnatural cleansers)?

  • NE mom - Just okay

    I used this combined with the Texas A & M (free) website for math prep. I agree with other reviewers who say that the strategies for solving problems are common sense. I bought this book because it's been more than 20 years since I've sat in a math class, and I found it wasn't in depth enough. It does have a good appendix for math terms, formulas, etc. I did all of the math practice problems and saw a marked improvement from when I first started. I thought the verbal practice sets were good as well. That being said, I just took the GRE yesterday and the questions on the Quant section were much harder than the ones in this book. I think if I were to do this again I would use the ETS PowerPrep software and study guides. This book may be one good tool in a whole repertoire, but certainly don't use it exclusively.

  • Gave me much hope - Gave me much hope

    This was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed in 1995. I was engulfed with an incredible fear beyond words. This book gave me my first ray of hope that we can do much with nutrition and how each one of us needs to take an active part in our healing.

  • luci megia - Great Product!!!

    I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I can say it works wonders!! I sprained my ankle and was unable to workout and by taking this product, it allowed me to maintain my weight. I started to see results in the 3rd week and lost 5lbs!! My goal is to lose another 5lbs and I will feel content with my weight.

  • JALMR - IT WORKS !!!

    My husband and I have been using the Earthing Bed Sheet for over a year. We began to think it was really not helping and we figured we'd been scammed UNTIL we went on vacation without it !! Our aches and pains, especially in our knees, were obviously back!! We've tested it several times now and are true believers!! Getting up and down out of chairs etc. was painful when we took the sheet off and no problem when we put it back on. Have one on our Motorhome bed and take it with us when traveling by car. Believe or's your choice!