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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.4192 Baden-Württemberg Region, Germany

  • Mrs.58 - Best Glue Ever!

    The arm on my prescription glasses suddenly popped off. The glasses were expensive and I wasn't about to order a new pair. After trying a familiar glue used by kids which didn't work, I ordered Gorilla glue. It took overnight to lock the arm back in place, but it remains solid and in place. Great product.

  • Eddie Carrie - Kills fleas, fixes health problems too

    Bought this 5 lb bag, at first to get rid of our cat's fleas. It worked !! In about a week the cat was no longer scratching and no more fleas anywhere. But what is more astonishing is that I started eating this stuff with a glass of water in the morning which resulted in some pretty health benefits. In the first few days there were some detox effects (light headache, etc) but I noticed that I felt much better (energy levels, calmer mood). Then after about a week all my joints felt stronger and better (year long elbow pain went away, knee pain). So, after about 10 days of eating this stuff we had a party and I ate everything I should not eat (gluten, bread, cheese, beer, sour cream, candy, chocolate, chips, dip etc) and I ate a lot. Normally eating like this would kill me, with stomach aches, celiac reactions, sleeping problems and nausea....but NOTHING !! I slept great, and the next morning I felt really really good and stomach was flat. Normally half a cheese burger would make my stomach stick out, accompanied by a headache and stomach ache etc etc... This DE actually lowers cholesterol levels, and seems to fix something in the gut bacteria levels.