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  • Crashman - Incredible Security!

    I first got Avast! on a free download site and tried it for 12 months. I was so impressed that I purchased another 12 months even though I am a very frugal person. I rarely pay for anything online. But, I do watch a lot of movies on iffy/devious websites, and Avast! has blocked every vicious virus that has been thrown my way. I am not a person prone to giving compliments, but this is the best anti-virus program that is being sold right now, hands down.

  • Saavy Stylist - Almost great but not for me... yet

    Bought from purple directly. It's a great idea and I think for many this could be a perfect mattress. For me its to firm. The purple stuff has a lot of "give" and is extremely cool. Coolest mattress I have ever slept on. They tell you to use stretchy sheets. They are hard to find and expensive. I put regular sheets on at first and it makes it very firm. The sheets need to stretch for the purple stuff to really work. Regular sheets don't stretch. So I bought some stretchy bamboo sheets on amazon for about 60 bucks a set. Problem is they are really bamboo polyester which I don't even know what that is. So they sleep kind of hot. But the purple stuff really breaths so it balanced out to being ok from the heat part. So now it is softer but... the foam underneath the purple stuff is pretty stiff. So really you get this interesting softer top with still some support but then a much firmer feeling underneath. I compared this to my tri zone all latex mattress and the latex was softer. So while they show an egg not breaking it still is firmer than my soft top latex mattress I have been using for 7 years. I am male about 6"3 and 240 lbs. so a big guy. maybe a lighter person may not find it as firm. I also have a bad back that stiffens up at night when I sleep. I need that perfect balance of soft on top with medium underneath but still underlying support. Kinda tricky to find. So For me it is to firm. On my side, my shoulders and arm get sore. My old mattress this did not happen.

  • Linda G. Dubois - Bought a few years ago, first the fan stopped ...

    Bought a few years ago, first the fan stopped working now the light doesn't work, I used about 20 times max. Not worth it and I paid around $200 when it first came out. Bought from either QVC or HSN cant remember which

  • Tayler Sweetman - 10/10 I'll never get tattooed again with out it

    I've got quite a few tattoos, including my elbow and ribs, both pretty painful to get done. To get my second elbow done I got this stuff and holy s*** was it a world of difference! The first time around I had my face buried in my other arm trying not to shake. With the HUSH cream for my other one I was sitting there looking through my phone and laughing with my artist. I'll never get tattooed with out this stuff ever again as I am now a spoiled little bitch, haha.

  • Bol-Doc - Service review

    Amazon sent a new book on time and for a great price, to a country (Bolivia) that's not a great customer. As i wrote on the packaging feedback, the service would be perfect with the inclusion of an internal plastic wrap for dust protection. Anyway, Amazon has proved amazing in this first experience. Thank you.

  • Roger W Hancock - PoetPatriot . com - Great for scouring off those stains from granite counter tops

    Great for scouring off those stains from granite counter tops, sinks, and tubs. It does take some elbow grease but then what doesn't?

  • Momtomany - constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad ...

    I purchased these probiotic drops for my baby boy. I have never tried them with my other kids or even heard of them until recently. There were a lot of mommies that swear by these probiotic drops for their infants. When my son was little little, his tummy was very sensitive and he spit up ALL the time, constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad and then he would end up constantly having the hiccups. So, I thought what the heck, why not try something to help him out - so I ordered the Mommy's bliss drops. I've used their other products and liked them, so I chose this brand to start with. I wanted to choose something that was 100% natural, and did not contain any additives, flavors, colors, or chemicals - after all I am trying to FIX his belly troubles, not make them worse by shoving who knows what into his body. These arrived and I started giving him these drops once a day. I breastfed exclusively at the time, so you are supposed to drop it onto you or you can add it into a bottle. I pumped also - so I did it both ways. This bottle is .34 fluid ounces and it is enough for a 30 day supply. You may or may not notice a difference right away, it took my son about 2 weeks until I noticed a difference. It really did help with his spit up and upset belly and made him more regular. I really noticed the difference if I stopped these drops. The drops are liquid and easy to dispense with the dropper. It is supposed to help improve immunity and promote a healthy digestive system. Well - I am not sure if it was the breast feeding or these drops or a combination of both, but my son is now almost 11 months and has only had one teeny tiny cold that lasted one day - he is a very healthy baby. There is no taste to these drops and my son did not refuse them or make any sort of face while eating it. I would highly recommend these probiotic drops.