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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • trufactsboutliftin - amazing

    This product is the ultimate plateau buster. It worked great for me. After i reached my plateau i took this and continued to gain muscle and size relatively quickly compared to other pre-workout formulas. There were also no side affects. This product is great!

  • Cher - Disappointed...

    This antennae did not work well as a replacement for my broken original. My reception is probably half as good as the original antennae.

  • Glen Peters - very comfortable

    Excellent earpiece - this is my 4th one where the previous headsets I had were all mediocre either on battery level, call quality, comfort/mobility or max volume. Also looks like lots of Chinese bluetooth devices are simply subpar and cheaply made - considering I picked it at random from Amazon's bluetooth list I was quite lucky...

  • DKing - Way more than a 10-

    Ten products are the bomb. My hair was extremely damaged when I started using the leave in product and the silk conditioner. The difference is day and night. My hair was actually crispy. It had been fried by using heat and hair dyes. I could not comb through it without pieces breaking off and falling all over me. Now, my hair is bouncy and shiny again. I love this product, and I use it daily. It is more than a 10!

  • P E Salle - Great product and cheapest price!!

    Ordered three for presents at the cheapest price offered and got free shipping. Enjoy reliving the thrilling St Louis win!!

  • FunkHouse9 - Finally Gonna Catch That Road Runner!

    I've had a Road Runner loose in my neighborhood for several years now. I was at a loss for what to do about it until I saw that Wile E. Coyote used a knife similar to this. I was very pleased with the packaging. It arrived in a wooden crate branded with the "Acme" company name on the outside. Instead of using drones, Amazon simply strapped it to a rocket and shot it at my house. No longer will I be forced to paint faux tunnels where the road meets a wall or be foiled by my own home-made catapults.