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  • Gator - Overpriced, with very misleading marketing

    Despite of what Cutco sales reps and marketing may claim in their statements, the reality is that Cutco knives are severely overpriced and their price/performance ration is plain horrible.

  • K. A. Salhoff - Great product

    Norwex Enviro Cloth is a fantastic product. It cleans and removes smudges from countertops and stainless steel appliances perfectly.

  • Rosalind - Perfect for breakfast bar

    Most of our meals are eaten at a high breakfast bar, so this chair is perfect for allowing my son to eat at the table with the rest of the family. The only drawback is that he is small enough to be able to put his foot on the seat and push himself up out of it. There is a strap across the lap, which secures him slightly, but a 5 point harness would be a lot more effective.

  • Alli - Gentle on baby's stomach

    My 1 month old daughter had such a hard time with Enfamil Newborn. Though she didn't "spit up", she would push the formula out of her mouth, causing a huge mess. We switched to Enfamil Gentlease, and she instantly liked it much better. She's still gassy, but nothing compared to what she was, and she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.

  • Sussman - My partner swears by this product

    My partner swears by this product - she says it has worked a miracle on her skin type. Her skin type is oily/combo skin, with dry patches on her chin and cheeks. It has cleared a lot of her black heads. She has been using it for about six months, once every three days and already it has minimized the pigmentation and has evened out the tone of her skin. It evens, it brightens, and it clears the skin of acne. It is rather remarkable product, my partner had never used Murad products before but was sold on it by a friend, and she says she is going to start incorporating other products from this line and see how work out, but for now this exfoliator is amazing. It is more on the cleanser spectrum than a harsh exfoliator so it is not recommend if you are comparing it to exfoliators that have sand or sugar beads in them. This stuff is very gentle, a little drying but as she says if you have oily skin then always use a moisturizer after so it does not make the skin flaky. As she attests she has found her Holy Grail cleanser.