Zofran Lawsuit | Zofran Birth Defect Lawyer - If you took the anti-nausea medication for morning sickness and had a baby with birth defects, call this number to pursue a Zofran lawsuit: 1-888-881-3077

  • Zofran Birth Defects | Anti Nausea Linked To Birth Defects - Lawsuits over alleged Zofran birth defects are beginning to mount in U.S. courts. If you think this drug hurt your baby, call (888) 881-3077 to learn more.
  • Zofran Brain Defects | Anti Nausea Linked To Birth Defects - Ask Bernstein Liebhard LLP about Zofran brain defects that may result if the drug is taken during a mother's first trimester of pregnancy: (888) 881-3077.
  • Zofran Cerebral Palsy | Anti Nausea Linked To Side Effects - The mothers of children who were born with Zofran cerebral palsy are advised to call an attorney who can help navigate their legal rights at (888) 881-3077.
  • Zofran Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Birth Defects - Compensation may be possible if your baby developed a Zofran cleft lip or cleft palate because you used the anti-nausea drug while pregnant.
  • Zofran Club Foot and Hand | Anti Nausea Birth Defects - Babies exposed to a certain anti-nausea drug may be born with a Zofran club foot or hand, which should prompt their mothers to call: (888) 881-3077.
  • Zofran Cranial Deformation | Anti Nausea Drug And Newborns - Mothers whose infant was born with what they believe to be a Zofran cranial deformation are urged to dial an attorney at our Firm today at (888) 881-3077.
  • Zofran Fetal Death | Anti Nausea Drug Linked To Deaths - Bernstein Liebhard is investigating Zofran death claims after the anti-nausea drug was linked to cases of fetal death. Call 1-888-881-3077 to learn more.
  • Zofran Heart Defects | Murmur, Atrial, Ventricular Septal - Having a baby born with Zofran heart defects, including heart murmurs, and atrial and ventricular septal defects may entitle you to compensation.
  • Zofran Kidney Defects | Anti Nasea Drug Linked To Hydronephrosis - Women who had a child born with Zofran kidney defects should call our Firm for legal guidance on filing a claim against GlaxoSmithKline: 1--888-881-3077
  • Zofran Spina Bifida | Anti Nausea Drug Linked To Defects - You may be entitled to compensation if your baby was born with spina bifida after taking Zofran. To learn more, call (888) 881-3077.
  • Zofran Lawsuit TV Commercial - Bernstein Liebhard LLP - Women who saw a Zofran TV commercial and realized they may be eligible to file a lawsuit should consider calling our Firm right away at 1-888-881-3077.
  • Zofran Lawsuit Settlement | Anti Nausea Litigation Settlements - Mothers who took the nausea medication during pregnancy are urged to call our Firm at (888) 881-3077 to learn about the potential for a Zofran settlement.
  • Zofran Lawyer | Anti Nausea Birth Defect Attorney - By contacting a Zofran lawyer, you may be able to obtain compensation for birth defects related to the drug’s use during pregnancy.
  • Nexium Use Linked to Kidney Failure in New Lawsuit - A new Nexium lawsuit filed in Ohio claims the plaintiff developed kidney failure just months after beginning treatment with the drug.
  • Zofran Lawsuit Filed Over Hip Dysplasia Birth Defects - A Zofran birth defects lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a little girl allegedly born with hip dysplasia due to pre-natal Zofran exposure.
  • Kansas Zofran Heart Birth Defect Lawsuit Filed - A Kansas mother has filed a Zofran heart birth defect lawsuit after her son was born with an atrial septal defect.
  • Zofran Heart Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed in Alabama - A Zofran heart birth defects lawsuits claims the medication caused an Alabama boy to suffer three holes in his heart.
  • Nearly 200 Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuits Now Filed Nationwide - A new report indicates that nearly 200 Zofran birth defects lawsuits have been filed in courts around the country.

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