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    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Alisha Hawk - Awesome

    This was a fantastic guide with great practice tests. I recommend to anyone needing a great score. My score improved 4 points after using this guide.

  • Sergey Evangelista - Missing some features of ps and xbox.

    Doesn't have the "Practice moves" training like the xbox or ps version, so you just kind of have to figure it out as you go.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the badge of honor series

    Love the badge of honor series. My only problem is waiting to long in between books. Broken Trust was a fast read and hard to put down.

  • Barbara B. - Best SAT prep book. Period.

    Gruber's is by far the best SAT prep book around. I am a mathematics tutor (K through Calculus, 25+ years), and this is the only SAT prep book I recommend to my SAT prep students. As well to as my own children, when they are preparing for the SAT!

  • cbreview - Biotene PBF not as safe a product as regular Biotene Oral Rinse

    I purchased Biotene PBF at our local pharmacy, and after a few days my gums became irritated. I read more about the product on the company's web site, and discovered that they have changed most of their products to a more neutral pH (6-7) and have removed enzymes. However the PBF product still has several enzymes, and is formulated at a low pH (5-5.5). After reading more about dental products, I discovered that the low pH (5-5.5) of this product is not beneficial for tooth health, and can weaken tooth enamel. I suspect that this product will be reformulated soon... in the meantime the Biotene (non-PBF) oral rinse would be a safer alternative with moisturizers, and a pH 6.5 (and no enzymes).

  • Eric C. Nelson - Concrobium is a good product for hiding spots of fungus on my shower area ceiling (greenboard).

    When fungal spots showed up in and near my shower ceiling, I tried several products, but Concrobium was the only one for me.

  • Danita Dover - Fastpitch bat

    Love it, it really put some distance on our daughters hits. Most of the team wants to use this bat when it's their turn to bat.