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  • gettinfit - Miracle in a Bottle!!!

    Need I say more? My once beautiful and shoulder length hair had become a total nightmare! I had the brilliant idea of getting my hair cut into a short bob. Apparently the stylist didn't know much about African American hair because since then, my hair has been a butchered, broken mess. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden my hair was frizzy, damaged, and impossible to manage. That's when I decided to try CHI Silk Infusion. From the first dime-sized drop, I could tell my hair was on it's way to making a recovery. Honestly, my hair immediately felt silky, shiny, and I had no more fly-aways! I only use it every 2-3 days and my hair looks healthier each day! This is truly my miracle in a bottle!

  • J. Delgadillo - Let Mr Steve's Guide You...

    My wife and I have greatly benefited from this travel guide. We used the 2011 version when we went on our honeymoon through Spain. I let a family member have that one so I bought the updated 2013 version for our 2nd visit. I plan most of our trips and the guide ensures we don't miss any of the big tourist items, but it also points out some hidden gems. There are also food recommendations and additional tips to help you stretch your money.

  • Tracy L. Duke - I've just given up attempting to use their terrible support and have gotten everything working except for the ...

    This module gives me quite a bit of trouble, all within the Saitek drivers. After 10 or so back n forth emails with Saitek support, I've just given up attempting to use their terrible support and have gotten everything working except for the rotary magneto switch which causes my SFX S/E to crash whenever it's used. All the other buttons are at least working. Overall, not too bad a unit just wish I could use it fully.

  • Coolio74 - Absolutely Destroyed Me

    When I read this book about two years ago, I was very excited to jump wholeheartedly into the diet. I did it perfectly as explained and had nothing but troubles. To make a long, painful story short, in eight months I developed tendonitis in both elbows, had to quit my job due to severe fatigue, developed diarrhea and strange stomach issues, became depressed and moody and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. When I found myself wearing a heart monitor due to heart palpitations, I knew it was time to stop.