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  • Drake M - The Evolution of an Artist

    We fell in love with The Fame Lady Gaga, a woman obsessed with the life of fame and what it has to offer those that dive on into it. The Fame Monster took us to the darker side of indulging in fame and we loved her even more. Born This Way, arguably her magnum opus, put out to the world her most ambitious messages. ARTPOP was divisive and beautiful despite the unmistakable blemishes. Thus, now is the Era of Joanne. Lady Gaga has consistently evolved as an artist and Joanne is demonstrative of her growth as a songwriter, as a vocalist, as a musician and as an artist. Joanne is Lady Gaga stepping further in the direction of the transcendent artist that will continue to redefine contemporary pop music and pop art.

  • Jovanna Samad - follow instructions exactly. drink more water! (6 week review update)

    The itch, redness, rash type feeling people are experiencing is from the niacin. They are niacin sensitive, too much for human consumption is well over 500mg a day. 2 caplets contain 30mg times 2 servings the max per day is 60mg. Each caplet contains 150mg of caffeine (found on the website) 600mg of caffeine daily is the safest high amount for human consumption. Both of these make you feel warm and have the symptoms stated above. EACH caplet is to be taken with 8-10 oz of water. So not drinking enough water with this and like products will attribute to those symptoms as well. While taking this product drink a gallon of water throughout the day.

  • aaron f. - Tastes horrible!

    This product, while boasting a wonderful non-soy based protein and all kinds of amino acids, has the taste of vitamins when chewed. It leaves a horrible aftertaste and has to be consumed quickly or you won't want to keep it down.

  • Amber - It makes a difference

    I think this stuff does a good job at keeping dry ends away as my hair is normally dryer than it is now. Of course I still have dry ends and split ends, but I think it was worse before I started using this every time after I shampoo (every couple/few days).

  • Emily Kooser - Quite a hassle to use but texture of my hair did improve, but no shine

    I heard this was a miracle product, so I went in with high hopes. Though I see noticeable improvement in the texture of my hair (it had been bleached blonde for summer), it is still not shiny. Also, this is very time consuming. It's a solid, and to get it to dissolve into the hair you have to dry it with a dryer for 5 minutes (as per the instructions). I think that is quite a hassle and most people dont have that kind of time. The smell isn't as bothersome as I predicted, but it is strong and it is is hard to wash out, so you have to put on dry hair, dry with a dryer for 5 minutes, leave on for 15-20 to overnight, then wash and condition again. I'd definitely be happier with something easier to use, but I"m happy that my texture is more improved than with other conditioners I've tried. Anyone know of a product that comes through with shine?

  • kidot - Hurry and buy

    Just that you all know - this is actually the ENTERPRISE VERSION. This sells normally for $497. I found out by calling smartdraw directly to inquiry what version this might be. They said: great deal!

  • Prospero - Good if you have some prior knowledge

    I enjoyed the humor of this text, but I still got a little bogged down in the minutia of the program. I am just a beginner with the program, but I still feel a little overwhelmed. I think the text would have been better suited to someone with prior knowledge of the program.