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  • Karim Mansouri - Should be required reading in all high schools and universities.

    Excellent book. Short, to the point, permitting the reader to question and confirm the many facts presented in the book. Amazing how many lies we have been told and obviously the poor condition of humanity today. It helps explain today, why America, the European Union, and Israel are so hated around the world. Why there are so many wars, poor people, refugees, families destroyed, family values destroyed, people being dumbed down.

  • overthemoon - Good product

    We don't live in an area that has much of a problem with fleas & ticks but our dog does itch a lot. I bought it for the itching and for times when we might travel to other areas that have more of an issue with fleas & ticks. I also liked that it was organic and felt that alone might be therapeutic for the itching issue. It does seem to have helped and we like the way it left his coat nice & clean & fluffy. I would buy it again.

  • Natural4cgirl - Thicker Hair Strands/New Growth

    I started this vitamin 2 weeks ago. (I used Krazy gro 1st for 30 days). Hair strands are thicker I have measured length, but you can tell the new growth. My only issue is Niacin cause me flushing (its like what I imagine to be hot flash). FYI I did do a cleanse a few months before starting with the vitamins.

  • t.tiame - Ads! Ads! and more Ads!

    The interface for 2016 is MUCH harder to use then earlier versions but the backups run fine. What is terrible is how often Acronis pops up Ads on your computer. It's non-stop! I had to take Acronis off of my kids computers because they kept clicking on them which led to inappropriate content.

  • Unhappy - UNHAPPY!!!

    I bought my new car about 6 months ago and paid $899.00 for the Xzilon product. Since then I have had lovebugs, tar and brake dust that has not come off as easy as I was told. I still see tar and love bugs and the brake dust comes back every month. I will never pay for that again!

  • A. Moore - Again??

    When I read the reviews, I believed the game would be better this time around. NOT SO!! I do the exercises and then Jillian yells at me because the game is not registering my movements. It's extremely discouraging. Thanks but no thanks...

  • Maggie - What's with the price increase?!?

    I bought a jar of this six months ago. Paid $34. I thought that was a lot. Now it's selling for $48?!?! It did help soothe various minor skin issues within the family, but I'm not paying fifty bucks for it!