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  • Sara Hincapié - This is an excellent purchase. Castor oil is widely known for its ...

    Wow! This is an excellent purchase. Castor oil is widely known for its miracle properties. Face, hair, body moisturizing, you name it, this is a miracle product. I gave the castor oil as a gift to my brother and was by far the best decision I ever made. This is especially true for teenagers as they enter the stage of late-night parties and puppy love, where having clear skin is essential if they want to climb up the social ladder. But unfortunately, along with teenagers’ raging hormones come pimples wanting to break out from every pore in their face. Needless to say, acne-free skin is elusive for teenagers. I received this in exchange of an honest unbiased review.

  • Heather W. - I LOVE this calendar

    I LOVE this calendar. Great space to track and plan my days. The pictures are fun to color and the quotes with each picture is meaningful.

  • Kelsee B. - I think it works!

    I gave this product a try recently and I saw some minor results. It might have been more effective if I'd kept my diet a little cleaner, but considering I saw some results, even without a stellar diet, I'd say it was successful! I'd definitely recommend this product to women looking to get a jumpstart to their weight loss.

  • jazzyj - The best!

    Not to be gross but I have had a real issue with fissures, little hemroids and itch. This is the best thing ever. I have tried everthing...but this is the only thing I have used that has worked.

  • R. Allen - Roxio must make money on something else.

    I have used Roxio Creator since it was packaged as a little program called MyDVD ver 5, under the Sonic banner. This program was the absolute bomb. Then, Sonic merged it's MyDVD with Roxio Creator and it has been downhill ever since. What a behemoth program called Creator. The renderings have gotten so cumbersome that even my 2.7 GHZ, 6GB RAM, 2GB video ram, all overclocked scream machine cannot handle. We are talking 6 hours for a 1.5 hour production that crashes at the very end of the render (Like literally takes up your machine for 6 hours then crashes). My experience over the years is each new version that comes out works for a while. Then, it starts blowing up. Stay away.

  • WILLIAM M - Great Fat Burner! works as advertised. Buying another bottle!

    Great thermogenic fat burner! gives you energy and you can feel it working! I plan on getting another bottle after I finish this one it is amazing!!! I have just finished the bottle and do see and have felt the difference in extra energy and noticeable fat loss. Make sure you are on a proper diet or no pill can help. This does what it says and does it well. I would really recommend this to anyone looking for thermo genic fat burning pills. It does work very well with no bloated felling or gassy feeling afterward. We really enjoy trying and testing different products and reviewing them. When we are purchasing items the first place we look is the review section to see what experiences other shoppers have had with a particular item. This has been a big part of our decision to purchase an item or not. Because of this, we like to leave detailed reviews of the items we purchase to help others make the same decision.

  • capricornlady - This stuff really does work

    This stuff works.. I suffered from vitamin D deficiency which caused my hair to fall out and thin. After cutting my hair really short and trying EVERYTHING. I found this and started using it in April and my hair finally grew back. It's still just a little thinner than the rest of my hair(the front of my head is the problem area). But its not really noticeable. I used it about twice a week. It works!