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  • Ashcroft - Mediocre email client that fails to improve

    I've been working with Outlook now and again since 2001, so I've been able to get very accustomed to it. It's fairly ubiquitous. It is actually very disappointing to me to write that I could never recommend Outlook 2010 to anybody for any reason. Quite simply, when I feel I am better off accessing my Gmail or Yahoo or whatever account on the actual site rather than from a supposedly more convenient and far more costly program, there is a problem.

  • Lindsey Brooke - Gotta love my Raybans!

    Rayban is one of those brands that you don't even have to explain the quality of them to anyone! Every one knows that Rayban is superb! These aviators were no different! They are authentic and exactly what I expected! I adore them, and am excited to have received such a great deal on them! 5 star seller and product!

  • gg-mama - Lone play is the best !

    Like this type of game, a lot. but it can be frustrating. Do hate that a little slip of the finger can cost me "real $ !" I would prefer it to be self contained. I don't want to plug into fb or play w/friends. Want to use the time to relax "all by myself."

  • Brittany - Unless you are already familiar with it, It was not easy to navigate and learn

    I would have liked something more adaptable to my needs. The reports are often hard to adjust, find, and never quite what I am looking for it to do. It keeps up with my check book and balances nicely and the workers payroll information. It does seem to over complicate deleting something or changing anything that might have been entered as a mistake or just needs changing. I have had it a year and wish I could find something more user friendly and not something that I feel like I should have took the class for before buying.