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  • top5jimmy53 - it's fine and does its job

    Gradually, as you use this, the charge gets weaker, until there is barely enough to trim for 10 minutes. It takes a long time to charge. When it's working, it's fine and does its job, but if you have anything more than a small amount of trimming to do, get a gas or electric trimmer. I bought this from TV several years ago, and put up with it for about 3 years. It worked great out of the box, it just didn't hold up.

  • Amazon Customer - In love with this product

    In love with this product. My hair is so soft and manageable. Great for twist outs and wash and go styles. Smells delicious...does everything it promises.

  • M.R. Reviews - Must try

    I have been using this cream to eliminate my dark spot. I purchased from the manufacturer previously for general skin lightening, and that shipping was exceptionally fast.

  • LibraDiva - To each it's own

    My hair absolutely loves this product. Am relaxed and I use it to moisturize nightly and seal with Rose oil and wrap my hair with a silk scarf and let me tell you all I do in the a.m. is unwrap and style. Plus the scent is heavenly. even after a work out my hair smells great.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Convenient

    This project is super convenient since it is an all in one package! It has all of the capabilities of new televisions in that contains and operating system which can support most apps from the Google Play store including Netflix. Also the picture and resolution is very nice.

  • kat l. - Wish I got same day delivery.

    I just got it today(two day shipping with prime) and it has been amazing for my head cold. The past few nights I have been having poor sleep and an even harder time falling asleep. I had a stuffy nose, runny nose and coughing. Since I tried it this afternoon, I can breathe easily and my cough has improved a lot.