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  • Pam G. - Very helpful

    This product was very helpful in speeding up my laptop and getting unnecessary, old files removed. The only thing I wish it did was give you a bit of a warning before the scheduled start of a weekly cleaning. That's probably the only thing I don't like very well - I can schedule the time/date/frequency of these cleanings, but if I'm not watching the clock and the time comes for it to start, it will knock you out of whatever you're doing to get the cleaning started. Maybe it's something I just haven't figured out how to get around yet! :) Other than that, this was definitely a good product and I'm very, very happy to have my 3-yr. old laptop running so well once again.

  • Lostboy - Very Nice Bike

    I loved everything about this bike, specially the color white which makes it different. Assembling took me a couple of hours and after I adjusted my breaks and front derailleur I was good to go. I participated in one of the events recently and I reached a top speed of 28 miles on it and the bike was still steady (it was a decline road). I would definitely recommend this bike to anybody.

  • hunter - ... hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn

    I spent 2 days trying to make this work the slideshow program will not work you put every thing in when you try to burn it it dumps every thing and goes back to the start got it to burn a slide show 1 time after hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn slideshows

  • Yatzee - Love this stuff

    I was a little leary at first, but after about 2 weeks of this (starting with the loading dose), I am completely off the Singulair, Flonase, and Mucinex I was taking. I don't even need it anymore. The product itself is great, but I also purchased the Sinatrol to accompany it. I have chronic allergies due to mold, grass, and dogs, and as long as I stay taking this consistently, it works great. Though if I miss a dose during the Spring, my body let's me know. The only downfall is, I've seen this stuff priced anywhere from $35-65 for a bottle of 120 capsules, and I've needed to buy more, but it's not available from the original seller, so I've had to search other avenues, and now I'm having to wait on a new shipment, not cool. It would be nice if individuals could buy the products directly from OrthoMolecular.

  • Clyde Perrine - No problems yet

    The main reason I have this on 2 of my computers is that I believed the commercial touting the "American Made" software. I should have read the reviews but I didn't. I sprung for lifetime coverage for 5 computers. The first machine I put this on is my wife's Windows 7. And to be honest, I have not had to touch it since I first performed the initial scan. Whereas before, I had to fix something on it every week. It has been a year now, and her PC continues to work like new. We don't use on-line banking, but she does purchase Amazon products using our credit card registered to Amazon. So far we haven't had any fraud problems from this software. If it is truly as bad as some of these reviews state, then why aren't they under investigation by our legal community?

  • mamatr - it's easy to use

    I'm a big pepper fan, but I was skeptical about this grinder. It's operated with one hand?? Yes, it sure is! In fact, it's easy to use, and because the grinder creates large and small pepper flakes, a little goes a long way. One thing I didn't like is that the pepper is not included, so you can't use it right out of the box, but that's a small detail that does not deter from the overall functionality of this grinder!

  • Mets Fan - The costume is fantastic for any child that loves Paw Patrol

    We recently purchased this for our two year old son! The costume is fantastic for any child that loves Paw Patrol! It comes in a one piece jumper where my son can put his feet in on top of his clothes. The material is very soft and not itchy. Even the hat is soft! My only problem is telling him to take it off. Great costume for Halloween!