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  • Kate B - Folds nice & small, great quality!

    The pod is such nice quality. I love that it is only about as wide as my bike handlebars - most double trailers are much wider. All of the interchangeable parts (wheels/trailer) are simple to take off and put on. This is officially the only double stroller (let alone bike trailer!) that we've managed to fit in the trunk of a VW Beetle - great for tight spaces when storing too.

  • Toothsquatch - Lots of fun

    Great game, knocked down a star cause it needs a little more variety of songs. Has a lot of cool and fun songs, but not as many from the time as we would have thought. Still fun, and one person can karaoke too.

  • The Geezer - light weight mouse

    This is a nice wireless mouse...very light weight and the batteries that are included are rechargeable. I have noticed that the batteries do not last as long between charges even though the mouse does go into sleep mode when not in use. Requires a micro usb receiver to be plugged into one of your USB ports. The receiver is not large or obtrusive, but it does take up one of the USB ports. It works well for me, but some will find the receiver in a USB port to be a problem. I was able to purchase this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Please note I have no relationship with this seller, I’m not compensated in any way, and I have no obligation to give any product a favorable (or negative) review. I put a lot of research, time and effort into my reviews, and I sincerely do my best to write reviews that are unbiased and that represent my honest opinion. I give products the rating I feel they deserve based on my experience with the product and compared to other similar products. I do almost all of my shopping online and always read reviews of a product before I purchase, even products I review I purchase because I, or members of my family, have a want or need for and the products will be used. I rely on the reviews of others just as much as you do! I review a lot of products that I don’t receive any discounts on and don’t show any favoritism when reviewing simply because I paid less than the current price for an item. I wouldn’t want to be misled and I certainly would never treat anyone that way.

  • Heather Reid - I prayed for a miracle and it came in the ...

    I prayed for a miracle and it came in the form of Natural Calm! I had to pull my son out of school and homeschool him last year due to anxiety. I decided to try this after reading the reviews. It works! I started my son on 1 tbsp in the morning and 1 tbsp in the evening and within a week I was noticing a considerable difference. He is currently back in school and doing well. I am still giving him the same dose. He drinks it with juice on his way to school. He is even thrilled with the results. This may not work for everyone, but it worked for us and my advice to you is try it!!!!