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  • Jen A 111 - Considerably less sore the day following an intense workout.

    I have been looking for something to help with soreness and muscle fatigue. I purchased this at Walmart for S14.99. The product directions say to use one scoop with 8 ounces of water. The flavor is too strong for me at that ratio so I use one scoop in 16 ounces of water right after my 75 minute cycle crossfit class. I usually have a second scoop with another 16 ounces of water over the next hour. I do not feel jittery at all while taking it and I sleep fine at night. The only difference that I experience is that I am considerably less sore the day following an intense workout.

  • Jean R. Sparkes - Renewal

    It's an "I can't put this novel down!" kind of book. Well written narrative with little repetition (some women writers repeat the main character's feelings and thoughts so many times I feel like they are beating me over the head with it). Evelyn's world comes apart, and she realizes it's been a gradual descent that comes to a crashing halt that causes her to feel first denial, then panic and finally takes steps to put her life back on track.

  • Joseph Irwin - This deck is a killer.

    I simply love this deck, it faster than expected and at first I didn't understand the true propose of some of the cards but got into the flow of it and just won 10 games in a row by turn 5

  • Brad - Beautiful new Birthday Barbie - LOVE the headband!

    My daughter loves Barbie and gets the Birthday barbie every year for her birthday. We both LOVE this one. I really like the changeup in hairstyle with the headband. The dress is beautiful too. This might be my favorite birthday Barbie she has to date! Great collectable, or great for playing too! The only challenge if this doll is intended for play is that most of these collector dolls (this one included) have one arm permanently bent so changing clothes can be tricky. But it is so beautiful and we have enough Barbies that these special dolls rarely get undressed at my house!

  • Wendy Walton - I have shoes smaller than these tablets!

    At first I thought these tablets might have been chewable due to their size. They aren't. These are giant tablets. I take three upon rising and three on an empty stomach before bed according to label directions. I chose this supplement due to the fact that it does not contain copper.