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  • Kimberly Richards - It's the ONLY product we use with our kids!

    All 3 of my kids have pretty sensitive skin. After a few weeks of research and learning about the ingredients in almost all popular name brand kid shampoos and body washes, I refused to use those products any further. After testing several brands and products, this shampoo/wash was the product for us! In my opinion it does the job better than all products out there on the market. Skin stays nice and hydrated. No skin drying even if “suds” are not fully rinsed off. We will definitely continue to use this (as well as other Burts Bees) product for bath/shower time in our home! Truth is, it’s the only product we use with our kids.

  • Style Pro - I haven't taken my exam yet... but ...

    I haven't taken my exam yet...but from what I reviewed in this book, I can say it is well written and covers all the material needed to get a passing score. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

  • Gary Willi - Great all around ball for the money

    Long, less side spin, and decent backspin on approach shots. About the cheapest price out there for a urethane cover.

  • Lola - Using cream for quads and hamstrings.

    I have been using this hot cream for the past couple of weeks now and am not totally impressed with this product. It's a little deceiving to use the word "hot" as this cream is very mild and am not quite confident it tightening the skin for reduction of cellulite, and does not have any medicinal effects for muscle/pain relief. The upside to this product, it does have a mild temp shift when killer onset of heat. So it is easy to apply, dries quickly, and no intense menthol odor. I would love to have this type of cream with additional post application heat. My aging body requires some intensity, and this doesn't quite deliver.

  • Bill L. - Best basic small business server platform

    Best server platform for the small business with 25 or fewer users, and basic file server needs. Does not support many of the additional server modules that can be plugged into the Server Standard platform, but if what you need is a central server to serve files and printers, or maybe run a network centered SQL database application, this variation on the Server 2012 R2 scheme is both reliable, reasonably easy to setup, and very affordable.

  • Chapstick Addict - I like that it's not petroleum based

    I have a mild deviated septum. I've been using this stuff every night for two winters now and I find it to relieve my very dry nasal passages. Growing up, I suffered chronic nosebleeds and into adulthood, the inside of my nose will get so dry at night that it will get raw abs scabby. This has solved the problem for me. It can be runny coming out of the tube so it's crucial to be careful there. The smell is not nonexistent but not unpleasant; it is neutral and I'm sleeping anyway so who cares as long as it works. I like that it's not petroleum based.