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  • Dee in Alaska - Great taste!

    Plant Fusion is my favorite protein powder, I've been buying it for years. It makes a good breakfast for me. My boss, who has pretty severe food allergies, also tried it and had no issues with it at all and said she'd be buying her own from now on.

  • Aaron H. - This ain't your gramma's B&W TV with the aluminum foil antenna. This is IMAX in your living room.

    My first impressions were that this thing is big--I mean, REALLY big. I came from a 60" that seemed like an IMAX in my living room, so moving up to a 65" didn't seem like a giant leap. My old 48" in my bedroom is about 8 years old, and weighs in at about 92 pounds without the stand. This gigantic 65" behemoth weighs in at a paltry 52 pounds! The wall mount screamed with joy as I bolted this billboard of love to the wall. The connection ports were all easily accessible, and my Samsung sound bar (with free back speakers--thanks Best Buy) connected easily with the set and synced right up. Now, not only do I have a TV as big as a wall, but I have surround sound that will tear your clothes off! I watched one of my favorite movies, Heavy Metal (the original, not the weak remake), and made sure to keep the volume at 11. The lifelike movement on the screen was like nothing I'd seen before. I called my neighbors and my friends and immediately invited everyone over to see this thing. If DVD movies were this good, imagine what good porn would be like! Wait...never mind.

  • Amazon Customer - Great volumizer

    I wasn't sure what volumizer meant but my wife explained it to me after we tested this out. Much more fluid is involved :)

  • CLEYSA MEDINA - Feels great; would recommend

    These feel so great and my skin feels extremely moisturizer after using them. Sometimes I just put them on and fall asleep. Would def recommend.

  • L. Payer - but your lids are horrible. If this tips there goes your "icey cold/hit" ...

    Get with it Yeti. You offer a excelkent product in terms of keeping thing very cold/hot, but your lids are horrible. If this tips there goes your "icey cold/hit" beverage. It wouldnt be rocket science to come up with a closable lid option for the Rambler. With as much engineering you've put into this priduct, it's shocking tgat you fall down flat on a simple thing like a spill proof/closable lid. Booooo.

  • jgp reader - S&T for tablets

    Come on Microsoft, get with it. It is 2013 after all. What about those of us who are not bringing a laptop anymore on trips, and using our tablets? Don't you think it's high time you made it compatible for a tablet as well? It would be nice to check a map or reroute on the road when you have no internet access. And I don't mean another totally different program. I mean one program, able to install it on a laptop or desktop as well as our tablet. There should be no limit on how many devices we put it on provided we own those devices. Many people own all three as it is. Do't try to take advantage of us. If you price a product at a fair price, people will not pirate it.